Dream Vacation

Summer is usually a great time to get away and have some fun, or at least get some rest. I've been lucky enough to have had some great vacations in the past. I've gotten to visit family and friends. I've enjoyed the big city and sandy beaches. I've gotten to see amazing landscapes and meet lovely people.

This year we plan to visit family in the northeast, which will be nice because we don't go there often. However, as I'm planning the trip, I find myself wishing for a different kind of vacation...a writing vacation.

My job, although better than it was before, still requires more time than I'm thrilled with, so I don't get to write as much. I have one major story I work on, but there are bits and pieces of others that are just hanging, and that bugs me.

Therefore, if this trip got canceled for some reason and my DH asked me where I want to go or what I want to do, I'm probably going to say "to my computer" and "to write." I would also add that the computer would be a charged laptop on the beach, like this one.

If he argues, I would tell him that sights--like this sunset--inspire me and that I need a little inspiration. Usually when I say that, I'm sucking up to get jewelry for my birthday or something. I think the sunset would be much cheaper. See how easy I make it for DH to agree with me? There's an art to it, I tell ya'.
For right now, I'm packing for our trip. I am taking my laptop along in case I do get the chance to act on any random inspiration or one of the fifteen story ideas banging around in my imagination. What about you? What's your dream vacation? Does it involve summer reading? Summer writing? Summer love? Please do share!

Happy Reading!

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