I have no graphic designs skills. I wish I did. How lucky for those authors who can design their own covers! And what about those cool teaser graphics you see everywhere now on Facebook and other social media. I wanted them! But aside from not having the technical skills to create them, I can't even visually imagine them to begin with. My creative talents do not lie there at all.

Luckily, I have a son who is very artistic. He's drawn and played around with computer graphics since he was very young. First, it was superheroes. You know, Spiderman posters and things like that. Then he graduated to imagining his own movie posters. Now, he designs posters for many of the community theater productions in our area. So I asked him..."Do you think you could make me some teaser graphics?" I showed him some examples, gave him some quotes and my book cover, and he came up with four teaser graphics for my September release, The Cottage Next Door. Aren't they great??

Maybe someday, he can design some books covers for me!

The Cottage Next Door releases September 16th and is available for pre-order now.

Love Is... - available now
Playing for Real - available now
Her Royal Masquerade - available now
Her Royal Bodyguard - available now
The Cottage Next Door - coming Sept 16th

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