Happy Spring!

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and I'm oh-so-ready for it. I love spring, with it's windy days and life blossoming all around. Who can resist its subtle seduction?

Unfortunately, the weather in many parts of the world didn't cooperate and it was chilly--even snowy!--in some locales. That just doesn't seem fair, so today's post contains pictures of flowers to cheer those in parts north, south, east, or west who may not be experiencing ideal spring weather conditions.

As you view these pretties, may they bring you great reflection and peace as you ponder. I hope this season of rebirth brings with it many great unexpected joys for you and yours, especially surprises in the literary world. Great books all around and more great books than ever to be found! What great books are you reading this spring? Please do share.

Without further adieu...

Happy Happy Spring!

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Vonda Sinclair said...

These flowers are beautiful, Cameo! Are they in your garden? If so, I'm jealous. LOL