Come On Spring!

Yesterday felt like spring. 62 degrees in western New York is practically summer! My friend and I took advantage of the warm day to take a walk down along the lake. There's still snow everywhere. The lake is still iced over but I hope the ice fisherman are being careful! It was great to feel the sun beating down on our backs and to breathe in the fresh air without being bundled up. So I took advantage of the camera on my iPhone and this morning I'd like to share some of the pictures with you.

We live in a small village on a small lake. Most of the lakefront homes have been bought up by wealthy people from out of state, but for those of us who live here year round, the lake is only a few steps away.

Dock piling:

We walked down to the beach and took some picture from the still snow covered deck:

A view of the lake from the deck:

Reflections on the ice from the opposite shore (the reflections are beautiful on the water when the ice melts too.)

We didn't walk down as far as where the ice fishermen usually set up, but you can see from the footprints that someone had been walking out on the lake recently.

A view of the actual beach that is open for swimming in the summer. The red lifeguard perch is visible on the right:

It looks like some kids have been having fun on the playground, even with the snow:

On the way back home, I caught a picture of a little footbridge over a stream running rapidly with water from the melting snow:

What a joy it was to take that walk, to emerge from hibernation for the past few months. Soon the ice will melt completely and the branches will once again be covered in leaves. And I'll enjoy the lake - and our walks - even more.

Come on spring!

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