Silken Canvas releases Dec 25th!

It's a little difficult to have a release on Christmas Day. I mean, there's so many other things going on for a lot of people. Who has time to notice what new books are coming out?

My daughter, her hubby, and the new little guy are coming over early on Christmas morning to open gifts and have a some coffee and a little breakfast before they rush home and get ready for hubby's side of the family to descend about 2 o'clock. Son's girlfriend will be over a little later in the morning. Then we'll all spend most of the day over at daughter's house, eating and drinking and exchanging gifts and love and laughter. Who has time to think about a new release?

I've been promoting pre-order for Silken Canvas, hoping readers would like the idea of a gift for themselves appearing on their reader or computer Christmas morning. I love pre-order and am often pleasantly surprised when a book appears on my Kindle that I'd kinda forgotten about.

I also love gift cards. And after tomorrow, I'll be reminding readers of Silken Canvas's release and hope they might want to include it when they are deciding what to purchase with their gift cards.

I think I speak for most writers when I say I don't like having to worry about promoting. To have to keep pushing my books. Reminding readers about them. Hoping word of mouth and the occasional ad and tweet and Facebook update and blog post will peak their interest without turning them off.

But it's a part of the business.

So once again let me remind you that Silken Canvas releases tomorrow, December 25th. The book got 4 stars from RT magazine. "Moore has given readers of erotica something to enjoy. With sizzling characters and an actual plot she has crafted a story that both entertains and thrills."

You can still pre-order today:
Barnes & Noble

And tomorrow it will be available for purchase!

Here's wishing all our readers and their families a wonderful holiday! May 2013 bring amazing things to you all.

Silken Canvas
- coming Dec 25th

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