Romantical Things

Even though I've yet to begin Christmas shopping, I'm rather in the holiday spirit and enjoying the lights and the music and the general feeling of merriment and hope circulating about. It's been quite a long year, one that's been filled with some ups and downs for our family, and so I'm looking forward to a nice holiday. I'm already in the mode, planning my time off with my DH, and that's got me thinking about romance. Okay, everything gets me to thinking about romance, but lately I've been thinking about the tiniest things that really keep romance alive for me. Are any of these familiar?

1. One of the most romantic things my DH does is something he's not even aware of. We have date nights, and when we get ready to go out, he leaves the bedroom light on for when we return. He's a stickler for turning off lights in every room to save money and energy, but for some reason, he leaves our bedroom light on and it's so romantic to me to have it beckoning to us when we return from a nice evening out. Most of the time we just come home and snuggle up and go to sleep, and that light is a reminder that we've built a home together, a place where we can get cozy after a night of fun. So sweetly romantic!
2. Another romantic thing is that my DH seems to really enjoy Christmas shopping for me. He seems to look forward to it, to getting me something he thinks I'll like or that will surprise me, and that makes me feel cherished. I try to do the same, and even if we don't get each other much, it truly is the thought that counts.
3. We cook together, and that goes double for the holiday season. I love cooking and so does my DH, and when I get a day off, we get creative in the kitchen. It's real teamwork, and there's nothing more romantic than sharing an activity that you love with someone who loves it as much as you do. Plus, we make a pretty good team, and that just adds to the contentment.
4. My DH gets excited when I get time off from work for the holidays and tells me so. I don't get much--maybe a couple of days--but those days are precious, and we get to wake up together. Special moments like these are ones that I cherish even more than the date nights, well, except for the bedroom light being on. :)

So what about you? What little things keep the romance alive in your relationship? Please do share!

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