Sick Day!

Got a baby home sick today. I was worried it was the flu. I don't know what it's like in your area, but around here the flu is everywhere. We are getting daily message calls from the school reminding parents to keep their kids home until they haven't had a fever for 24 hours. The doctor said today they keep running out of the flu tests, and they've went through so many that the company they order them from is even out. It's bad out there.

Luckily, the girl only has a really bad sinus infection. I'll take that over the flu. But it did mean she got a sick day home. So we've cuddled in bed for most of the morning. It's been really nice. She is feeling better now though. She's bored, lol. So it's back to school tomorrow.

I've had a pretty decent writing week. After a nerve-wracking episode of writer's block, I finally figured out how to fix my issues and the words are starting to flow. I was able to write 2,500 words on Monday and 3,500 yesterday. I was on a roll yesterday and didn't want to stop, but mommy duties called. I have the weekend off, so I'm looking forward to spending two straight days writing. I'm hoping to knock out 10k in those two days. I'm so far behind on this story and I've really got to catch up. Christmas break is right around the corner and then I won't get any writing done. :)

Happy Writing Everyone!

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