It wouldn't be Christmas...

So we are less than a week from Christmas, and I can sadly admit that I'm not done shopping yet. I do have my kids done, which is really all that matters. The rest will have to wait for the weekend.

Tomorrow we are going to walk through McAdenville, which is known as Christmas Town USA. There is a reason for that. It's an entire little town that every house puts up these spectacular lights. The town of McAdenville actually waves the power bill for December so everyone can participate, which I think is pretty awesome. People come from all over to drive or walk through the lights. I've done both, but I prefer to walk. It's a completely difference atmosphere. More magical. The kids love it, heck I love it. It wouldn't be Christmas without McAdenville.

In the last few days, we've put the tree up, had hot chocolate, watched Christmas movies and listened to Christmas music. My favorite part of all that is hot chocolate. Yeah, I know I can get it all year round, but it's not the same. Something about being snuggled up on the couch, sipping on cocoa while the Christmas tree twinkles in the background, wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't take a moment to enjoy the tree and a hellava good cup of cocoa. 

I'm plotting what craft I'm going to have the kids make for the pawpaw and nana. I'm starting to stress as I watch the time slip by. I have no clues this year. None. Searched the web for pretty unique awesome ideas..nada. It wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't sprout a few more gray hairs.

Then this weekend, it's off to my mom and dads. Do you know that I am 35 years old and I have always woke up in my childhood home for Christmas morning? I've never missed a year. Not even after I got married, or after I had my own kids. I have always woke up in my parent's home on Christmas morning.

It just wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't.

So what's your "It wouldn't be Christmas?"

Happy Holidays!

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