Halloween is Coming

I love Halloween. It's my favorite time of year. From pumpkins, to candy corn to haunted houses. Love it! Unfortunately due to time constraints this year, I'm not getting to participate in my favorite time of year as much as I like. I'm working like mad so I can justify using next weekend to go to a party. If I'll get to go or not will depend on how much I get done this coming week. I have a massively tight deadline, and with me working the day job and being a single mom, I using every spare moment I have to write right now. Yeah, I'm being responsible, lol. But the kid part of me wants to ditch work and go to the party anyway, lol. I know it's going to be so much fun.
Halloween parties are highlight of Halloween. I used to host the party myself, but unfortunately I've had to pass the torch to someone else over the last couple of years. One day I'll take Halloween back. I miss the planning I'd do the entire month of October just for this one night. Miss setting an atmosphere for the adults to come in and be like Holy Crap! Really? And yes this was an adults only party. It was a night for all of us to find a babysitter and just have some fun without worry about what the kids were doing.

Each year I changed up the decorations. Some new addition to keep everyone on their toes. Here's some pics of the last part I threw:

Imagine if you will, this standing in a corner, in the complete dark with a strobe light flashing on it while you try to go to the bathroom. We got some shrieks with this one, because it was positioned just right so you didn't see it until you were right on top of it.

Dexter's Kill Room :) (The lights are off by the time the first guest arrives)
Got to have meat hooks, right?
And the huge spectacular for that year: The pod room. This was the bathroom. Everyone loved this room.

The Pod Room
More Photo's of The Pod Room

Yeah, it'd take two days to get the house ready for just a few hours of fun. But I have some great memories from every Halloween party I threw. Yep, one day I'll take Halloween back:)

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