Romantic Times review for My Fierce Highlander!

I was thrilled to get this review today from RT Book Reviews! It's in the June issue.

My Fierce Highlander
Vonda Sinclair
4 stars  HOT
Setting: 1600s Scotland

The mystical 1600s are the perfect backdrop for this hot and heavy historical romance. The romance between Gwyneth and Alasdair is absolutely believable and gets the heart racing from the moment they meet. Sinclair has done a wonderful job of crafting a truly interesting plot.
SUMMARY: Healer Gwyneth only wants peace. She longs to leave the Highlands before her son is old enough to fight for the evil Donald MacIrwin. After a skirmish, Gwyneth cares for the laird of the MacGrath clan — a family that has had a 200-year-old feud with the MacIrwins. As the tides turn, and Gwyneth must flee with her son to save their lives, she’s taken in by Alasdair MacGrath, the man whose life she saved. She receives his protection and works to bring her son to freedom before it’s too late.
Amy Lignor

My Fierce Highlander - ebook - print
Also available for Nook, Apple, etc.


Pat McDermott said...

Great review/synopsis, Vonda. Congrats! Don't you wish some of these reviewers would write our synopses for us when we need them? :-)

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks so much, Pat! Yes, they are great at synopsizing. LOL

Harlie Williams said...

Wonderful review Vonda. I bet you are still grinning from ear to ear. :)


Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks Marika!! Yes, definitely grinning!! :)