Thanksgiving Traditions

I love Thanksgiving. It is one of the less stressful holidays for me, and one I really look forward to each year. One, I can’t wait for my mom’s dinner. Her stuffing rocks!

Anyway, we have a very odd family tradition, but it works for us. Today, I will pack up my kids and my nephew and head to my mom and dad’s house. I plan to get there early, because I have a full day to spend with the kids. Usually, we will take them to do something fun. There is an awesome place in my hometown that is so much cooler than Chuck E Cheese that I love to take the kids to when we are in town, and I play just as hard as the kids do. Video games, bumper cars, and laser tag. Yes!

Afterwards, we’ll come home where we have dinner. This isn’t Thanksgiving dinner, this is all the goodies we love dinner. This year is hot dogs, bacon and breakfast crescents. Yes, you read the right. I wanted hot dogs (my mom’s slaw rocks!) and my sister wanted bacon and the breakfast crescents. Then we’ll all gather around the dining room table and play games and the adults will have a couple of drinks.

Every year for as far back as I can remember, we wake up bright and early and go to the annual Flea Market held on Thanksgiving morning. Unfortunately, flea markets aren’t as cool as they used to be. Back when I was younger, flea markets were more like a huge yard sale and you could find all kind of treasures. Nowadays, it’s a bunch of junk. Really. You can buy deodorant, or if it really tickles your fancy, Hamburger Helper. I’m not joking. But even with the change in the flea market, not going would just feel wrong.

When we get back, football comes on and then we eat dinner. Then everyone gathers around the living room and promptly falls asleep. Do you know how funny it is to walk into a room and every sofa and chair has someone in it asleep?

So what are your Thanksgiving traditions?



Natasha Moore said...

Hi Esme. Thanksgiving is a no stress holiday for me too. We'll go to my niece's house this year. Both our kids are with their spouse/fiancee's families, so that will be different this year. No flea market for us, but plenty of food and drink. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Tamara Hunter said...

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! Tradition involves watching the Macy's parade (only on NBC). I can't leave the house until the National Dog Show is over and they've awarded Best in Show.

After that, we usually make our trek to relative's houses to eat their food. But, we always bring cake or pies as our "thanks for letting us pig out at your house gift." LOL.

Happy Thanksgiving!