In Awe with Paranormal

I write in two different genres: contemporary and paranormal. With this new shifter story I’m slowly writing, I’ve come to the conclusion that I absolutely love writing paranormal. Seriously, love it. This story is my first major dabble with world-building. I’ve taken what I started in The Panther’s Lair and expanded it to so much more. All I can say is that I love the world that is coming out of me.

I think what I love so much about the paranormal genre is my imagination is truly endless. I’m not held with as many constraints as I am with other genres, even contemporary. (A side-note: I still very much love writing contemporary, just in awe with how paranormal makes me feel right now, lol). How freaking cool is it to make up your own species of shifters, with their own folklore, beliefs and powers. I get to make everything up from scratch.

I have a three-book series planned. However, there have been a few new characters already that have pop up in the first book that I would love to write a story on. It would be awesome to makes this world even larger, to have reoccurring characters (because I LOVE reoccurring characters), and get a few more books out of my one idea.

Anyway, I have a world to build. Aidan has me consumed right now, and I think about his story even when I’m unable to writeJ I have a couple of hours this morning to work and I’m giving them all to him. If these dang kittens will allow me too. Something about me sitting with my laptop that makes me a toy in their eyes. The little beasts won’t leave me alone.


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