10 Things to Know About RISK IT

1. RISK IT is the second story in the Paolo’s Playhouse series.

2. RISK IT stars the couple on other side of the two-way mirror featured in FLAUNT IT, the first story in the series.

3. RISK IT is a hot story about a married couple finding their way back to each other

4. The heroine is a working mother and many women will be able relate to her struggles and her needs, I know I did.

5. The hero is a hot businessman for those readers who like their hero in (and out of) a suit.

6. The cover by Scott Carpenter is a gorgeous, richly colored work of art.

7. RISK IT is a story that features voyeurism for those who like to watch.

8. I’ll celebrate the release of RISK IT with a contest here next Monday.

9. You can pre-order RISK IT on sale here.

10. RISK IT releases from Samhain next Tuesday, Nov 15th.


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