What is a Werewolf?

To some, a werewolf is a giant hairy monster, a cross between a wolf and a T-Rex. Even one of my good friends thought this was the type of werewolf I was creating when I wrote my book. These monsters may come from legend, but that's not the type of werewolves I write about. My werewolves shape-shift from (yummy, sexy) men to normal-sized wolves. They are immortal Sgian Dubh Guardians from Scotland who have vowed to protect humanity from evil. Not an easy job. In fact, they risk their lives everyday in defense of Protected Ones--humans with special powers and great destinies who are often the target of evil entities. Protected Ones usually help many people or do a lot of good in the world.

Ronan Graeme is a warrior and a Sgian Dubh Guardian who takes his job very seriously, especially this time. Not for 600 years has so much been at stake. Because he's part wolf, his senses are much sharper than a normal human's, especially his sense of smell and hearing. Plus he can see well in near darkness. Since they have to battle evil entities so often, it's a good thing Sgian Dubh Guardians heal ten times faster than humans. Another ability in their arsenal is anti-gravity. They can crawl up walls or walk on the ceiling. This also helps slow their descent if they want to jump off something extremely high. (I must add here that this book contains a love scene which happens on the ceiling. :) )

One of the Guardians' most interesting skills is controlling the minds of the humans around them. Ronan only does this when absolutely necessary, usually in life or death situations, or to prevent mass hysteria.

Sgian Dubh Guardians, being part human and part wild animal, have a stronger than normal sex drive, but they control their urges well. The full moon increases their need to find a willing lass for a tumble between the sheets. But they're not allowed to touch Protected Ones. Too bad Syrena, the heroine, is a Protected One.

I have some wonderful new reviews for this book that I'd like to share.

Blade of the Wolf by Nicole North is hot! The novel starts out explaining how Syrena has psychic powers that an incubus wants to obtain, which ultimately puts her at risk and even at death. So Ronan, a werewolf, is assigned to keep Syrena safe by watching over her constantly. Syrena has no idea what Ronan is, but she has an undeniable attraction to the Scottish beauty. Ronan is not supposed to engage in pleasure with Syrena, but pretty soon the attraction is too much to handle for both of them.

I really enjoyed this novel. The story is well written and the plot kept me turning pages. Ronan is a great character, and not because he has a sexy Scottish accent (which didn’t hurt). He is so kind and protective over Syrena which will make any reader fall in love with him. Syrena is more self conscious of her body, but she’s kind and tries to do whats best. But her sister is annoying, at best, offering a blow job to Ronan, when she knows Syrena likes him. Other than the self absorbed sister, I loved this book. I recommend it to werewolf fans and fans of paranormal romance. Nicole North has created a wonderful story and I’ll be purchasing her other novels very soon. Romancing the Book

Rating: 5 Cups

Ronan is on a mission for which he takes an oath to protect the innocent even from himself. The temptation of one mere human woman could be his very downfall.

Syrena is a psychic with the eerie ability to see the dead. Capable of so much more, she has always denied her powers and turned her back on them long ago. Every encounter with Ronan brings her powers screaming back and makes her even stronger.

Their love is forbidden but impossible to ignore. The past and present, full of regrets for both lovers, meet in an epic battle between good and evil where the victor is never guaranteed.

Blade of the Wolf is the epitome of romance novels. Nicole North gives the reader passion, sacrifice, love and strength in both the hero and the heroine. The evil is the unimaginable kind and strikes fear in the hearts of the reader. I absolutely loved the story, which flowed smoothly from one chapter in the lives of two characters whose love progresses at warp speed. An absolutely outstanding fast-paced novel meant to sweep the reader along on the tide of love and lust and succeeds in providing all the pleasures of reading a truly outstanding story.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More


If you are looking for some amazing paranormal erotic romance then look no further, Blade of the Wolf by Nicole North is the book you want to read. With a delicious hero, immortal werewolf and Scottish Sgian Dubh Guardian, who cannot read this story? North takes us on a magical journey where love can appear when you least expect it and boy does it when Ronan meets the woman he is sworn to protect. But our hero has a dark past that may interfere with the psychic Syrena. Readers will love the dynamic between Ronan and Syrena, the hot romance between the two is enough to scorch the reader you’re reading it on. Who can resist a magical journey, lovable characters, witty dialogue and of course an evil incubus. I hope to see a series come out of this because I can see it turning into one. North’s romance stories are always ones to enjoy so if you like this one, be sure to look up her others.
The Pen & Muse

Do you enjoy werewolf romance or shape-shifter romance? Why or why not? What do you think about love scenes in unusual places, such as on a ceiling?



Regina Duke said...

Regina Duke here, to say Wow! I love the description of your werewolves! I'm glad you explained, because your shape shifters sound delightful! Can't wait to read in your world.

Carol Ericson said...

I've never been a paranormal fan. I'm not sure why. However, I'm really enjoying True Blood on TV and I LOVE the were in that show, Alcide. One of these days, I'll have to give paranormal romance a whirl!

Carly Carson said...

I never knew what a werewolf was. I'm not too big on shapeshifters either. Which is okay because the rest of the world loves them! Great reviews!! Congrats.

Terry Spear said...

Love werewolves, and yours are the greatest, Nicole! Hmmm-hm!

Esmerelda Bishop said...

It's funny, anytime I hear the term werewolf, the first thing that always pop into my mind is the full moon monsters, like they are portrayed in Harry Potter and The Vampire Diaries. And I know better, lol, so I can see how your friend immediately thinks that too.

For me, I think it was the time period I grew up and watching movies like The Howling.

Congrats on the great reviews!!

Nicole North said...

Thanks, Regina! I hope you enjoy them. I had fun combining their abilities.

Nicole North said...

Carol, sounds like you're becoming a paranormal TV fan. Yay! Paranormal books can't be far behind. :) What I enjoy about them is that most anything can happen, if the author does it right.

Nicole North said...

Thanks Carly! Most people think of the terrible creatures in Van Helsing. The wolf-shifter type of werewolves are a lot less scary. LOL

Nicole North said...

Terry, thanks! You already know I'm a huge fan of your werewolves! Another thing that's neat about werewolves and the worldbuilding surrounding them, authors do such different things with them the way we did.

Nicole North said...

Esme, thanks! I agree. I grew up watching those types of movies too. Also Van Helsing and Underworld, which I loved.