A Letter to Beckett and Elena.

***Spoiler Alert***

Dear Beckett,

You’ve gone stupid. How is it even possible for you to pretend that you don’t remember Castle declaring his love for you? Why couldn’t you have really forgotten? I could get that. But to actually remember and pretend not to? Look at this man.

<---Really? You can say no to this?

<-----Just in case I didn’t get my point across. Really?

Do you know that millions of women would happily take him off your hands for you?

But it wouldn’t matter. The man is completely head-of-heels in love with you. I get you have some unresolved dark chewiness lurking in your past. Get over it, already! I want to see some hot Castle/Beckett action. And not chasing after a superhero type action. Though I will admit Castle was adorable in that episode. I want some more lip-lock action.

<-----Look at this kiss. Yeah, yeah. Whatever. It’s wasn’t to mislead the perps. That’s chemistry, my dear.

You’re a fool for pretending not to remember it.


A Concerned Fan.

Dear Elena,

You’re the second woman to have gone stupid this week. It’s frustrating. Forget Stephan, embrace Damon.

<-----Damon with the breathtaking blue eyes.

<-----Damon who will do anything to make you happy even if it means finding the man you love and bringing him back.

<-----Damon who is so bad but wants to be so good—for you.

Idiot woman. You’ve picked the wrong brother. Stefan is a good guy. I can see that. But wake up! He’s not going to rock your world the way Damon can. And if you don’t want him, can you please send him my way?


Tired of Idiot Women

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Vonda Sinclair said...

LOL! Very entertaining post! I agree with you. I'm a big Castle fan and always look forward to the chemistry between these two.