5 Gold Crowns for My Fierce Highlander

I was thrilled with this review from The Readers Roundtable for My Fierce Highlander!

Who doesn’t love a saucy highlander romance? It doesn’t get better than My Fierce Highlander when you’re looking for a handsome highland warrior with sex appeal out the ying-yang!

When a battle breaks out on her cousin’s land, Gwyneth saves Alasdair, a laird from a rival clan. She hides him and heals him in secret, knowing he’s come with a peace treaty. When Alasdair wakes up, he’s surprised Gwyneth is taking care of him and doesn’t quite trust her. He must go back to his clan, but knows he’ll always protect Gwyneth for saving his life.

This story is well written, reads easily and quickly and there isn’t a moment you won’t be deep into the storyline, totally involved with the characters. Before the sex, Gwyneth and Alasdair are already emotionally involved, which doesn’t always happen these days and it’s so nice to read that today. The sex is sensual and romantic with highly emotional, tender moments. It’s heartfelt and will give you the warm-and-fuzzies on many occasions.

Alasdair is a handsome, highland warrior who knows how to take care of his woman and I wholeheartedly recommend it to those of you who love a good highland romance! It’s absolutely yummy!

Rated 5 Gold Crowns and a Recommended Read by Beth!

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