The End!!! Soon, Hopefully

This is me (well not really, although I have rapelled off cliffs), but this feels like me as I strive to reach the pinnacle...the end of the story. :) I've got the weekend off finally, and so HAVE to meet my deadline on Monday. Have to.

And so that's my rest for the my word count, have to end the story, and then keep polishing it up. Soon, I'll get back to commenting, to having a life, to...I don't know. The possibilities are limitless. :)
Back to writing and rewriting! Hope everyone has a terrific weekend! :) Terry


Dolly said...

Good luck with your deadline. Of course I should be increasing my own word count than blogging, so I will get back to it.

Natasha Moore said...

Good luck on your deadline, Terry! "The end" are surely sweet words :)

Nicole North said...

Hope you finished it, Terry! Wooooo!!!

Abby Niles said...

Here to the "The End." :)

Terry Spear said...

Lost Wanderer, that's what I feel like when I need to get my word count and I'm writing blogs instead!

Thanks, Natasha, absolutely!

Nicole, I did it! It's been a nightmare trying to refocus on this after my mother's recent death. But I finally did it!

Thanks, Esme!!!