Welcome Fierce New Member, Cameo Brown!

We have lots of exciting new members here at Fierce Romance, the latest of which is Cameo Brown!

Cameo Brown is a word freak, book addict, and erotica devotee. She enjoys living in the world of stories, especially the erotic ones, whether reading or writing them. In real life, she lives in the United States with her totally delectable husband, who still doesn't quite understand why she enjoys sitting at the computer so much, and a passel of temperamental felines who are plotting to take over the world. Her novellas and short stories are available from a number of print and electronic publishers.

Nicole: Welcome, Cameo! Please tell us about your books.

Cameo: I've had several books come out since December, from a romantic BDSM romp (A Stranger's Desire) to a erotic cowboy romance (Ride 'Em, Girlfriend) to a futuristic erotic romance that takes place in 2035 (Pleasure 2035). There’s been dragon fantasy, a vampyre story, and my latest will be a shifter. It's been a busy six months!

Nicole: Wow, I'll say! Congratulations on all those releases! Hot covers too! Which element of story creation is your favorite?

Cameo: I love creating characters! I find people, animals and forces of nature fascinating. The male species is especially intriguing to me. I love men, and getting to write about them in their most wild, personal, loving, sexy and crazy moments is an absolute kick!

Nicole: You've hit on one of my favorites (men!) :) What inspires you? What motivates you?

Cameo: Anything and everything inspires me. It can be another writer, like Edgar Allan Poe or Robert Louis Stevenson, or it can be something unusual or mundane, macabre or whimsical, inane or poignant. For example, a really moving story my cousin told me about a little girl she met at her job will be the basis of my next short story. The inspiration for A Stranger's Desire came from a humorous conversation my husband and I had over dinner one night about his mother’s funeral. A Russian waltz I work out to on my IPod inspired Snow Job, my first vampyre story starring a hunky Russian neck nibbler. Another short story released in an Alyson anthology was inspired by my mother’s battle with cancer, and one of my latest--and most favorite--stories was actually inspired by the editor who did the call for submissions for the anthology. He did an amazing job describing what he wanted, and I got so inspired I couldn’t wait to write my first m/m, which will be in the anthology when it comes out this summer. It doesn’t hurt that it’s about the military, and I LOVE a man in uniform!

As for motivation, I’m not really motivated to write per se, I just can’t not write. I’ve got to do it. I’d be writing even if I’d never gotten published. It’s something I really love and I’d go a little nuts if I couldn’t do it.

Nicole: Cool! When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Cameo: I've written stories since I was old enough to use some sort of tool to write with. It's just always been a part of me. I process almost everything through writing of some form or another. I actually wanted to pursue a career in journalism right away, but a teacher who knew nothing about being a published author advised me you can't make a living as any kind of writer. I sort of pushed it out of my mind after that, but never left it completely. I think we always come back to what we love the most.

Nicole: I agree! What is your writing process or method?

Cameo: I basically get the concept (from whatever inspires me or whatever I'm contracted to write about), get to know my characters, and then I do a pre-writing piece to see if things might come together. If they do, I continue with it, revising it until I shape it into whatever the Muse demands (and the Muse is demanding!). If things don’t work out, I shelve it until the time is right to go back to it.

Nicole: Thanks for telling us about yourself, Cameo, and welcome to Fierce Romance! We're thrilled to have you join us!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cameo,

I will have to look up your books. I love an author who just keeps writing. I hate when I don't have a new book from a favorite author every couple of months. :-)

Kristin Daniels said...

Your books sound awesome! And it's great to learn more about you, Cameo!

Carly Carson said...

Hi Cameo,

You are amazingly prolific. I enjoyed all the little stories about how you got your ideas. Welcome from another newbie.


Natasha Moore said...

Love hearing about your inspirations, Cameo. Welcome aboard from yet another new member of the group.

Julie Robinson said...

Hi Cameo and Nicole!
It appears I was too early this morning for you, checking twice before having to leave for the day. Yes, I am just returning and was wondering what surprises Nicole had up her sleeve. Welcome, Cameo!
I enjoyed reading about your writing methods and inspirations.

Cameo Brown said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the greetings. Was offline due to computer problems for a bit, but I'm back now. It's great to be here and meet everyone.