The Unconventional Hero

When the idea of The Feline Fugitive came to me, I knew I’d have the time of my life writing this story. I wasn’t disappointed. I loved writing Luca Doyle, in both his human and shifter form. That’s right, Luca is a shifter. What kind, you ask?

Here’s a passage from The Feline Fugitive, coming out July 6 with Lyrical Press, to help explain:

“Are you hungry, Fluffy?”

The name made Luca cringe. He was a male cat for Christ’s sakes, a shorthaired, black cat. Fluffy in no way described him.

Now before you stop reading in a huff of disgust that I had the audacity to make an uber-hot hero a kitty cat, the fun part of this entire story is the contrast between Luca, a strong, determined, and oh-so sexy alpha and his counterpart, Fluffy, a cat living in his lifemate’s home as her pet.

However, Claudette has no idea Fluffy is really a human. (Now, Luca isn’t a perv. I swear.. He’s just running from law. That didn’t sound any better, did it? LOL. He was framed, and he escaped prison to find the real killer. Claudette found him and brought him home with her.) But even she notices he’s different.
Fluffy came around the corner and watched her with his intent, unnerving stare that shone with an intelligence far surpassing an ordinary house cat. Until Fluffy, she’d never wondered what a cat thought.

Writing Luca was tricky. I mean how alpha could I make a housecat? Trust me, this stayed at the forefront of my mind the entire time I wrote this. To give Fluffy a hard edge when he was on the page, I concentrated on his internal thoughts so the reader could see Luca’s personality without him in human form. I also focused on showing his frustration at not being able to reveal himself to Claudette and her going on with her life as if he, her mate, wasn’t in the same house. What else could I do but have her go on a date with another man. What could Luca do? He’s a cat. Pretty screwed, right? Don’t underestimate a spitting furball of rage.

As she started to push Roger away, he screamed and jumped off her again.

He flailed around the room. When he turned in his mad dance, Fluffy was attached to his back. Laughing out loud, she rescued her cat before Roger hurt him. Once she had the spitting feline in her hands, she said, “Roger, I don’t think this is going to work.”

“I think you’re right. You and your rabid cat have a good night.” With that, he slammed out of the house.

In the end, Luca reveals himself to Claudette to save her life. Then Claudette is introduced to a tall, well-muscled, wash-board stomach, broad-shouldered, all-male, male. The complete opposite of her sweet kitty. Luca wastes no time in showing her whose she truly is.

“Because it doesn’t exist. It’s make-believe. Fantasy. I have to be dreaming and for some reason, my mind is refusing to wake up,” she said.

“You’re not dreaming. If you were, would you be able to feel this?”

Before she could stop him, he grasped her face between his hands, capturing her lips with his own. Electric heat slammed through him, and he groaned. The kiss was far better than his dreams...

I worked very hard to keep Luca alpha even with his shifter form being something considered cute and cuddly. So my question today is how would you make up for your unconventional heroes less than perfect alphaness?


Nicole North said...

LOL! I love the rabid cat part. How cute and funny! Sounds like an awesome book!! I think what you did in your story sounds like the best solution, being in his deep pov and making his thoughts alpha. Of course some house cats are quite ferocious (especially tom cats.) :)

Aileen/Ari said...

He certainly is unconventional and I am so glad he found a home.

Alpha is personality, not looks. He knows that control can be subtle, not always demanding. I think the most effective alphas are the ones you least expect it from. There's something sexy about a guy whose mere presence makes you want to do whatever he asks.

Carly Carson said...

I don't actually think I could do it, lol.

But it's an intriguing concept and I bet it's a fun story.


Natasha Moore said...

What a fun premise! Luca had to be so frustrated, but I'll bet he took advantage of being able to curl up in Claudette's lap :) Sounds like you handled the situation well.

Ruth M. said...

OMG, this book sounds wonderful! The dichotomy between the two parts of Luca sound like it will keep a reader well hooked.

Having been owned by cats my entire life, and 90 percent male, I hove no problem with the other half of Luca being a "kitty". Most cat owner will agree, all our babies, no matter how well loved an d seemingly domesticated, retain a bit of the wild.

Someone like Luca wod have more than a bit and be able to keep hip Alpha-ness quite evident

Ruth M

Carol Ericson said...

Clever premise, Esme. Hmm, one time after going out, my date and I were kissing on his sofa. He had two cats. One of the cats jumped on my lap...and peed on me! My date was so embarrassed and claimed that had never happened before. Maybe his cat was really his jealous girlfriend...

Abby Niles said...

Thanks for commenting guys. Sorry I didn't respond last night. I ended up in the ER with the son instead. He's ok now.

Nicole-thanks so much. I had a lot of fun writing this book. I like the rabid cat line, too. LOL.

Aileen-isn't that the truth! Nothing sexier than a man whose presence makes you want to do as he asks, just yum.

Carly- I knew when I wrote this story the idea of it would be met with mixed feelings, lol. That was another thing that made it a lot of fun for me.

Natasha--you hit it on the head. He took advantage of a lot being the pet. That is why my tagline for the story is 'you'll never look at your cat the same again' lol. Trust me though he gets his punishment from the heroine.

Ruth--I'm a kitty person myself. And you are so right, they do retain some of their wild, especially when challenged on their turf by an intruder. Luca might have the form of cat but he has the attitude of a wildcat.

Carol- ROFL!! Maybe, lol.