Ah... The romance of it all...

by Kristin Daniels

Thank God it’s Friday. It’s been a long day. You got up at dawn’s first light to finish the laundry from the night before, drove the kids to school and yourself to work, where everything that could go wrong did—not to mention you had to deal with your jerk of a boss—only to end up leaving a half hour late. You stop at the store because your son needs fish food, your daughter needs a pack of index cards (didn’t you just buy like ten of those?) and you’re out of diapers for the baby. You finally get to the checkout, daydreaming while waiting in a line longer than you’ve ever seen about going home, soaking in a hot bath and putting your favorite jammies on before curling up in bed to sleep the sleep of the dead. You hit every red light on the way home, and by the time you pull into the driveway, you’re cringing about what’s really waiting for you behind the closed front door. Screaming kids, a barking dog, and a hubby that wants your undivided attention. You schlep your way to the door and…

It opens before you get there. Waiting inside the doorway is your husband. And he’s holding a rose. When you step inside, he gives it to you, and you take it while he relieves you of the bags from the store.

You’re speechless. He smiles. You melt.

The house is quiet, except for a mellow jazz tune playing in the background and the most wonderful aroma is drifting from the dining room. You peer around the corner to find the table set for two. A pair of taper candles on the table are lit and a bottle of red is already uncorked. There’s not a booster chair in sight.

Your insides tingle, and a smile blossoms on your lips. “What’s all this?”

“It’s for you.”

He leads you to the table and holds the chair out. He hasn’t done that in years, you muse. You’re still dumbfounded as he pours the wine. “The kids?”

“Are at my mothers until tomorrow.” A knowing look passes between the two of you, and the earlier tingle travels a bit lower.

The meal is spectacular, and you’ve found that you’re not as tired as you were on the drive home. He leads you into the bedroom, but passes by the king size bed and heads to the bathroom instead. After a tender kiss that curls your toes, he lights more candles and runs hot water in the tub built for two. He adds a seductively scented rose oil to the steaming water, one you didn’t own before. You both slide in, and the massage along your shoulders begins…

Okay, I could go on and on here, but I think you get the idea. That, my friend, is what’s known as a romantic gesture. Romantic gestures can run from something well planned like this one to a simple love note tucked into your husbands lunch bag. The idea behind them are to make the other person feel special, to do something for them so out of the ordinary that they’ll always remember it.

My husband loves to bring home flowers. I never know when I’ll get them, but when I do, it always gives my heart that little flutter. What about you? I’d love to hear about your favorite romantic gesture, either one you’ve been the lucky recipient of, or maybe one you planned out.


Sandi S. said...

lol My hubby doesn't do the flower thing. But, he does wash dishes sometimes, and cleans up the kitchen after dinner. On occasion, he'll even fix dinner. Or, if I've gotten a particularly hard rejection letter or critique, he'll bring home chocolate or wine :-)

Nicole North said...

Wonderful post, Kristin! My husband doesn't bring me cut flowers either. But he does surprise me with jewelry, chocolate, my favorite drink, take out food, plants for my garden, etc. He's very sweet about cooking a meal, maybe once every week or two. We also go on mini vacations occasionally. He's a sweet, considerate, giving, supportive, encouraging man. And to me that's incredibly romantic!

Carol Ericson said...

Kris, that's not just a romantic gesture but a dream come true! LOL

One of the most romantic gestures I ever experienced was from a boyfriend who wasn't very romantic. We were driving home from somewhere, each in our separate cars. We pulled into the left-turn lane, and sat at a red light, my car behind his truck. A guy was selling flowers on the island and I saw him walk to my BF's window and wondered what they were talking about. Then the vendor walked to my car, pulled out a rose, and said, "It's from that guy in the truck up there." Wow - I was so impressed. He'd NEVER done anything like that before. So sweet.

Kristin Daniels said...

Sandi, Good for hubby! Chocolate and wine are a fix-all in my book!

Nicole, Any sort of support from your man is incredibly romantic! Throw in a home-cooked meal, and you'd have me hooked!

Carol, what a great story! He had a little romance in him, huh?

Natasha Moore said...

Ooh, Kristin, I just got home from work and started relaxing as I was reading your post. My hubby's met me at the door with a glass of wine on occasion. Sometimes he has a candle burning in the window too (we work different schedules so sometimes he gets home before I do) Just knowing he was thinking about me is the most important thing.

BTW - I finally got a chance to read Nameless Surrender yesterday. Whoa, that was hot! Great story :)

Kristin Daniels said...

Natasha, sounds like you have a real romantic for a hubby :)
An I'm thrilled you liked Nameless Surrender, thank you!

Anne Rainey said...

My husband isn't a huge romantice, but he surprised me one year. For Christmas he took all the poetry I'd written, printed them and handmade a cover. The result was a gorgeous hardback filled with all my poetry. It was the neatest thing ever.