Attraction, And Sex, And Spells... Oh my!

by Kristin Daniels

Spells… Wielded with anger, they can turn you into a three-headed goat, a stinky, croaking frog, or make you sleep forever. Cast in the name of good, they can help you find the man of your dreams or let you live happily
ever after. But no matter the reason, spells usually have one connecting factor: Love.

How many movies have you seen or books have you read where that’s the theme? The heartbroken maiden wants the prince to fall in love with her—what better way to do that than to put a spell on him? The wicked fairy, angry at not being invited to the princess’s christening, gets her revenge—she puts a spell on her, only to be reversed by the kiss of her true love. An old beggar woman, turned away on a cold and bitter night by a conceited prince, casts a spell turning him into a hideous beast, telling him the only way to break it is for him to love another and for that person to love him in return.

Those kinds of spellbound fairy tales are all well and good, but what if we take the premise just a step further?

What if the spell is cast upon an antique pearl necklace? And what if, once the necklace is held in the hands of our heroine, a vision of swirling eyes appear—masculine, piercing, overtly sexy eyes? Let’s go even further, what if when she wears that necklace, she meets the owner of those sizzling eyes and is immediately drawn to him in such a physical way she can’t think straight? You guessed it… Attraction and sex and spells, oh my! This is the foundation for my first book, Mystic Charm.

I have to say I’ve never been a huge believer in spell
s and magic, but I also have to concede there are things that happen that I just can’t explain. The result of a spell? Or magic? Who knows. But I do like the idea of them, the whole ‘what if’ that I can spend hours and hours thinking about.

So, my question to you today is not do you believe in spells and magic. What I want to know is if someone were to put a spell on you, what would you want it to be? To meet the person you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with? To immediately shed those extra twenty pounds? Hey, does anyone have a spell that will make my laundry do itself?


Carly Carson said...

A spell has to have a bit of enchantment in it so I'll ask that all of my kids experience true love that is returned. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Interesting question. Maybe I'll think of something else later.


Nicole North said...

Wonderful post!! I love writing spells, curses and magic into my stories. This is the basis for my kilted shapeshifter series. They're sort of like fairy tales for grown ups. LOL I like writing spells and magic because you can make almost anything happen and it's still believable. Plus it's fun! :)

Terry Spear said...

I had fun with the witch in The Vampire...In My Dreams and her inability to cast spells when she really needed them. Teen witch, not the greatest student. :) But she always persevered...and that's the key. Even if your spells aren't up to par...keep at it, and something will turn out right. :)

Natasha Moore said...

What fun to conjure up a spell to give you your heart's desire :) I haven't written one of these stories yet...but I'm getting some ideas!

Great post, Kristin.

J Hali Steele said...

Wow! I can't think. Spells, magic. Anything I want, huh? What if the spell goes all awry and I'm stuck with a toad? Can I give it back? LOL Awesome post, Kristin.

Aileen said...

Spells are manifested like prayers, where thought goes energy follows. That said, you wouldn't happen to know that three-headed goat one, would you? I have a couple of exes I'd love to...well, never mind!

Julie Robinson said...

Spells? Hmmm. I would want to cast a Circle of Protection (and happiness) around my son. Wait, am I playing Magic the Gathering????

Julie Robinson said...

As far as the question you didn't ask, I think that spells work ONLY if someone believes. For instance, if you say you've cast a spell for someone to have bad luck, and that person knows that you've done this, then everything bad that happens to them afterwards will become a part of that spell's "magic."

On the other hand, if we pray for something good to happen, and it does, then we say our prayers are answered. In this sense, prayers (for the good) can be likened to spells in that we are asking a higher power to do something for us.

My 2 cents,

Julie Robinson said...

Oh, Kristin, that's a great premise for Mystic Charm.
I often think about that when I wear old jewelry. I have a friend who loves to order old jewelry from ebay (I like going to antique places), and wondering about the previous owners. Sometimes, it's as if you can feel other vibes around a ring, for example. Or you feel a little differently.

Probably starting to sound a bit like looney tunes now!

Kristin Daniels said...

Thanks everyone for such great comments! I've been sooooo busy today, it's been crazy, really. I hope that my post brightened your day and made you think a little!