Rachel Carrington makes us "Breathless"

Today I'm happy to say Rachel Carrington is here to tell us about herself and her newest story out with Red Sage.

Rachel Carrington a successful business woman and multi-published author. She is the ideal independent woman we all want to be. Single and with a full schedule, she prefers to keep her affairs casual and not have the excess emotional baggage that normally comes with the relationship. Motivated, adventurous, and with a wicked sense of humor, she brings us stories we not only dive into but hate to see end. Rachel writes dark paranormal and magical fantasies mixed with wizards, witches, and elves. From mystical worlds to the dark and dangerous corners of other universes, her books take you outside the bounds of reality and into the world where your imagination can take flight. She currently writes for Red Sage Publishing, Ellora's Cave, Samhain Publishing, Loose-Id, and Forbidden Publications.

Nicole North: Thanks for being a guest here at our blog, Rachel! Please tell us about your story "Breathless" in Red Sage Secrets Vol. 22 Dark Whispers.

Rachel Carrington: Let me start by saying this was one of my favorite novellas to write. Pairing a rogue wizard with a determined sorceress was fun and opened up doors of opportunity for dialogue, action, and sex!

Breathless is one of those books which started out one way and ended up going in a completely opposite direction. I fully intended Lark, the heroine, to be this kick-ass heroine and Zac, the hero, to be a rogue wizard. However, Zac’s emotional pain (and reasons behind it) came in much later after I’d actually finished the story. I had to give him a reason to be such an ass to begin with.

Here's a little more information:

Lark Hogan is a martial arts expert who has been trained to handle almost anything, except for the death of her sister at the hands of a madman. Seeking vengeance, Lark sets out to stop him, but though endowed with special gifts, she knows she can’t do it without help.

Zac is a mystery and a dangerous ally for Lark. He is a mercenary, an independent wizard who lives life only for himself, loving no one. The last thing he wants to do is help this sexy, lethal woman who confronts him, even if she knows what he is.

Confronting a common enemy, Lark and Zac battle their own demons as well as their own powerful attraction, and when sex gives way to love, this couple will fight to the death to protect what they’ve found.

NN: I love paranormal stories like this and can't wait to read this one. What inspired you to write this story?

RC: I've always wanted to write a story about a rogue wizard because for so long, the wizards I wrote about were honorable, upstanding sorcerers who had a strict code of what was right and what was wrong. So this was a challenge.

NN: He sounds like a bad boy alpha. Yummy! Please tell us more about the hero of this story.

RC: Zac is a mercenary—a rogue wizard who has been hurt by circumstances beyond his control. He believes his family has caused his pain, and that's what has changed his outlook on life. He doesn't want to get close to anyone again because of that pain. But then Lark comes along, and he's not prepared for what she does to his heart.

NN: I love tortured heroes!! They're so intense and they just need a good woman's love. :-) You have a lot of books published! Please tell us about some of your other works.

RC: I have another novella releasing with Red Sage in December 2008, I believe. It’s entitled Enchanted Spell, and the teaser description would be: Take one bitchy witch and toss her into country filled with wizards—her mortal enemies—and there’s bound to be trouble.

I also have three more books in the Hot Magic series I have with Ellora’s Cave which should be releasing in 2008. They are Unchained Spell, Timeless Spell, and Breaking the Spell, which are all sequels to Indigo Spell.

The series revolves around a family of wizards known as The Assembly, and I tell the stories of four of the wizards, three of whom are brothers. Their separate journeys are filled with the trials of falling in love with women they aren’t supposed to love and the dangers they face because of their feelings.

I also have several more books releasing in 2008, so check out my website at http://www.dawnrachel.com/ to find out more.

NN: Congratulations on all your sales!! What is your writing process or method?

RC: I'm an evening person, so I do most of my writing after midnight. It's my most creative time. I just grab my laptop, crawl up on my bed, and dive in. I don't really have a set process as to how I choose what to write other than whatever work is due at the moment. And sadly, there really is no method to my madness. I can be working on one book, realize another one is only 2,000 words or so away from being finished, and I'll switch over just so I can mark another goal off my list. It actually sounds more scatter-brained than it is! LOL

NN: Sounds like a smart method. What was the most important thing you learned (the thing that made all the difference) just before you made your first sale?

RC: Take the next step. I don't think I every really thought about giving up or quitting when all the rejections were coming in, but it did get tough for a while. I've always been a very determined, aggressive person, so I had to get to a point where the rejections were just another piece of paper (unless there was information on that which helped to improve my writing). So I just kept taking steps!

NN: Wonderful advice! Some people are afraid of taking that next step. What's next for you?

RC: Besides the books I have coming out this coming year, I'm about to start working on a screenplay for one of my books as well as a non-fiction book and a different type of cookbook with a close friend. (Trust me. It's one like you've never seen before). I have a couple of speaking engagements lined up for this year as well. I'll post everything on my website as soon as I get more information!

NN: Great! Best of luck with all your projects. I can't wait to find out about that cookbook. Thanks again for being a guest here!!

RC: Thank you so much for having me, Nicole.

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A question for blog readers: If you read erotic romance, do you prefer full-length novels or novellas in this subgenre and why? Thanks in advance for commenting!


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Thanks for sharing your very inspiring experience along the road to publication, Rachel. Your stories sound wonderful. Good luck!

Pat McDermott

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Another great interview, as usual. :) Good luck, Rachel!

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Rachel, I know for a fact your story in 22 is great :). I look forward to the next one!

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