LOST returns

Those who know me well know that I am a major fan of the TV series Lost (and you probably get tired of me talking about it LOL.) I'm excited the new season begins this Thursday night, Jan 31 at 8pm est on ABC (two hour premier). No excuse to miss it now. If you haven't ever watched this show, you are missing out. But I recommend you watch it from the beginning, each episode in order because if you miss one or two you'll be lost. No pun intended. The only way to do that now if you've missed the first 3 seasons is to rent or buy the DVDs. And of course I do have every episode on DVD. You can also watch some episodes online if you're fortunate enough to have high speed everything, details below.

I came to the show late myself, having missed the first two seasons, which I watched on DVD, then watched season 3 as it aired. Everyone (especially other romance writers) kept saying the characterization is incredible and writers can learn lots from the show. That was the reason I started watching it, but not the reason I continued.

What's so great about the show? Well, I have to say it's unique among TV series. I can't think of another one (that I watch) that is formatted the same way or has the same rich characterization and tight complex plotting. Each character is unique, three dimensional with a full backstory and lots of emotional baggage. They are real in that not one of them is all 100% good or bad. Even the characters I love most have bad characteristics and big flaws. (Don't we all love Sawyer? Kate? Sayid? Even though they may have done bad things in the past.)

The writers of the show use backstory or interesting flashbacks in a more compelling way than backstory has been used before in my experience. As authors, we are told to be careful about using flashbacks because it takes the reader out of the current story. Not so with Lost because the backstory is shown in such a way that it is necessary for the current story. Backstory ties into current story very tightly and without it the viewer would not understand the reasons for the character's actions in the current time frame.

What else is compelling about the show besides the characters and their backstories? The plot. It keeps me guessing. I can never predict (or almost never predict) what is going to happen next. It's incredibly complex and interwoven. Everything is connected in bizarre, sometimes paranormal, ways. It's unusual but completely believable.

If you've missed some or all of Lost, here is a (slightly amusing, very simplified) 8 minute video which gives a compact synopsis of the whole first 3 seasons. No, this definitely doesn't do it justice. I almost hesitate to recommend it because the shows are so much better than this.

Click on "Lost in 8 minutes 15 seconds"

Here you can watch full episodes if you have a fast enough internet connection and fast computer. (Which I thought I did because I do watch other TV shows online but apparently not for this HD.)
Scroll down to the bottom to watch the very first episode. Then you'll be hooked too. :-)
Are you a fan of Lost? What are your favorite things about the show?


Corrina Cowan said...

Fabulous post! I absolutely love LOST and cannot wait for it to start again. I didn't see the show from the start either. I started watching the show the weekend before the second season started. I bought the first season on DVD and my husband and I had a LOST marathon! It was great:)

Shannon Robinson said...

Love the post Vonda!! I am a die hard fan since day 1. Love those characters and the plot is amazing! Even the hubby is a huge fan - though I don't think he fantasizes about Sawyer like I do! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big lost fan too. We didn't start watching LOST until last fall and then we started with Season 1. We watched them all in order. We have season 1 and 3 on disc but didn't get numer 2, we rented it from netflix. Anyhow, we're all caught up and excited for Thursday too. Sad they are only going to have 8 shows this season because of the strike but they say it's going to be killer. Busting at the seams to watch it.


Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks for commenting, everyone!! Corrina, I LOVE those Lost marathons. I should watch a few of the last episodes again to refresh it all in my mind.
Shannon, I'm with you on fantasizing about Sawyer. heehee My husband doesn't watch. He thinks it's an insane show. LOL
Tamara, you're right only 8 shows does suck. I loved having more than 20 a season.

ShawnaMoore said...

Okay, I'm probably one of the few who've never watched Lost. You all have persuaded me to check it out :)

Smiles across the miles,