Rae Monet talks about Blood Game

Rae Monet is a multi-published, award winning, sensual romance author and speaker. She is former Air Force, FBI agent and now is a licensed Private Investigator as well has having a Bachelor and Masters Degrees in business. Rae loves to write strong female characters, lots of action, and hot romance.

Nicole: Thanks for being a guest at Fierce Romance, Rae! Beautiful cover! Please tell us about Blood Game, out now from Red Sage.

Rae Monet: You bet, I'd be happy to. Blood Game is the second book in my futuristic Vampire series called Blood Squad. The books in this series hold a special place in my heart, they touch on the healing of love and the need for hope. There are two more stories planned in the series. Sangerian Rose is the first book, it comes out this week from Cerridwen Press. Here's the short blurb for Blood Game:

When a rogue vampire threatens the truce between vampire and hunters, Byron Sangerian is caught in the middle of an unraveling mystery. The only reality anchoring him to sanity is one, flawed human woman, in a Blood Game he can’t seem to win.

NN: Sounds wonderful! Please tell us more about the world this story is set in and how you created it.

RM: Blood Game is set in the future, the year 2075. It's 16 years after the Treaty of the Faction was signed which forces a truce between the Vampires and the Human Hunters. I created the plot on a dare from my sister who loves vampires, but wanted to see them moved into the future and so the Blood Squad Series was born.

NN: Interesting twist! Please tell us more about your hot hero, Byron.

RM: Byron is the third and youngest brother of the Sangerian Clan Vampire Brothers. Yes, he's the baby. Tall, muscular, blond hair, very sensual. His personality style is very carefree until he's kidnapped and tortured by a rebel vampire clan. Byron's world is turned around until he meets one flawed woman who brings him back.

NN: Sounds like a hero I'd easily fall in love with. What inspired you to write this story?

RM: It had to be my sister all the way. We set about plotting the book when I was laid up in the hospital. Thinking about writing the book really got me through a difficult time in my life. You can visit the Blood Squad, including my trailer here: http://raemonet.com/BloodSquad.html

NN: You have other books published. Please tell us about some of them.

RM: I've published over thirteen book in various series. Like I said, the first book in the Blood Squad series will be coming out next book from Cerridwen Press. Then I have my Racing Romance Series, my Wolf Warrior Series, my Romantic Suspense Series. My gosh, so many I can't list them all but if you mosey over to my website at http://RaeMonet.com I have them all listed out.

NN: Do you have any advice for unpublished authors?

RM: I subscribe to Nora's philosophy, butt in chair.

NN: LOL! Great advice! What is your writing process or method?

RM: When I sit down to write I try to give myself several uninterrupted, quiet hours to really get into the nitty-gritty of what I'm writing, but sometimes that will stretch to 8 hours or more when I'm in a groove.

NN: Would you like to ask blog readers a question?

RM: What's you favorite genre to read?

Please come explore Rae's other books on her website, http://www.raemonet.com/


Jeanmarie Hamilton said...

Great interview. Loved the trailer too!


Teresa Reasor said...

Very good interview. I'll be on the lookout for this series for sure. Love those vampires.
Teresa Reasor

Rae Monet said...

Thanks guys, and thanks Vonda for giving me an opportunity to share The Blood Squad with you.

Anonymous said...

Your book sounds fabulous, and you sound like a real life kick-butt heroine yourself!

My favorite genre to read is historical suspense...I love history but I like if it has a little mystery for us too.

The philosophy of butt in chair is so true. If you don't sit down to write, nothing will ever get done!


Mia Varano said...

Rae, love the cover. Of course, I'm very excited about eRed Sage since I'll have my own story coming out with eRed Sage this summer. Looking forward to reading Blood Game!

Even though I don't write it, one of my favorite genres to read is historical romance, and I love romantic comedies.

Thanks for dropping by FR.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks for being a guest here, Rae! We've enjoyed it! And thanks everyone else for visiting too!