Love at First Sight? Second? Third?

FALLING IN LOVE – At first sight? Second? Third?

The more years I survive, the more I mull certain questions and topics. As an author of romance fiction who’s also married, one of these topics is whether or not love at first sight is actually experienced or simply imagined? When I look back over my dating days, I definitely experienced a physical response and attraction to those guys a good amount of time before realizing each held potential as someone with whom I could fall in love. Of course, my mind and body were also responding to them on various levels including how they conducted themselves with others, addressed me, etc. However, love didn’t enter into the picture at first date or second. I’ve never been one to make snap judgments or rush into anything, but all of the guys I dated engaged me on a mental and physical level. A short time after meeting my husband for the first time, I knew there was a strong chance he was a man I could marry. But I couldn’t say after that first glance, in all honesty, I knew without a doubt he was the man with whom I’d eventually walk down the aisle. We knew each other a couple months before an event occurred that convinced me he was a man who not only cared about my welfare but who would also stick with me through good times and bad. The hardest bit for me to reconcile is that someone can truly, in a nanosecond, meet someone and know that person is the one to whom they’ll entrust their heart—ergo fall in love. Could happen, but color me a bit skeptical as I believe true love takes time to mature into a foundation on which a woman can build the rest of her life.

What about you? Do you believe in love at first sight, or is this merely a fantasy women want fulfilled but is, in actuality, a rarity?

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Elen Grey said...

What a fun topic, Shawna! I had to think about this a moment.

As a romance writer, I absolutely believe in love at first sight. (Grin)

My own experience is that I have certainly fallen into attraction at first sight and definitely fallen into lust at first sight, but fallen into love at first sight -- no. I think that takes knowing someone a some level. However, someone may blog behind me and say, "I looked up and slid into love." That would be their truth.

I think I just slipped into love and didn't even realize when it happened. lol I think love can, and often does, grow deeper over time. It can also end. But then some would say, was it really love?

It's a slippery slope is that love!

Hopefully, Blogger did not eat my comment this time. Sigh.

Much cheer.

Nicole North said...

This is tough to answer because it could be both/either. I think love at first sight is rare but I think it can happen. And maybe it isn't even fully blown *love*. I mean how could it be if you don't know the person beyond what they look like? But maybe it is an intense attraction and maybe even a premonition that this is the right person for you. I have a cousin who was sitting with a friend the very first time she saw a certain man. She said, "I'm going to marry that man." And sure enough she did. They've been married for about 40 yrs now.

ShawnaMoore said...

Hey Elen!

I also slipped into love :) It was almost one of those fits-like-a-glove moments when I realized the moments we'd spent together up to that time was leading somewhere pretty special :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Happy week wishes,


ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Nicole!

Now you know why I posted this particular blog topic :) I love topics that spark debate :)

What a terrific story of the woman who immediately knew upon meeting a man that he was the one she'd marry. Her feminine intuition is keen, indeed, and I applaud their long-term togetherness :)

Happy week wishes,