A Perfect Affair by Judith Gilbert & Interview

Hi, today we have my friend and critique partner Judith Gilbert visiting with us. Her book, A Perfect Affair, was released today.

VS: Hi Judith, welcome and congratulations on the release of your book!! Lovely cover! Please tell us about A Perfect Affair.

JG: This is a heart-touching story full of hope and new beginnings. After losing her father ten months ago, divorcee Katherine Cahill goes back home to Houston and fights to return the joy of Christmas to her mother and young son. At the same time she secretly battles two men, her two-timing ex-husband who blackmails her, and a growing attraction to a Texas attorney hell-bent on sharing his bed with her, but not his heart.

Jared Randall swore he would never get involved with another divorced woman after the fiasco when his fiancee returned to her ex. Then he made two colossal mistakes--rescuing ice princess Katherine Cahill from her mother's roof and playing Santa. His cobwebby Santa brows get him in trouble, thanks to his promise to Katherine's young son.

VS: Sounds both fun and emotional. Having read some of your manuscripts in the past, I know it will be awesome! What inspired you to write this story?

JG: Katherine, the heroine, was inspired by two people I knew who went through very bitter divorces, often dangerous for them. I wanted to write about a heroine who would take on her ex-husband when he attempted to blackmail her and would cleverly turn the tables on him, even adding a taste of revenge, a la Katherine's way. Readers and reviewers have said they absolutely love the revenge scene and high five Katherine's audacity. It's an, "I-wish-I-had-thought-of-that moment."

VS: Nice!! Please tell us about your favorite character in the book.

JG: Jared, because you can't help falling for a man who tells a grinning five-year-old Matt, "I bet your dad will be proud," sees the boy's demeanor change, the anger and sadness in Matt's eyes, and cares enough to put happiness back into his life. Poor Jared, no matter which way he turns he steps in it. He has to learn he can't play Superman with Katherine, jump to solve her problems, but learn when to help and when to stand back, even if she's in danger, and trust Katherine to find a way to whip-butt.

VS: He sounds like a true hero. Do you have any advice for unpublished writers?

JG: The difference between a published and unpublished author is perseverance. Don't give up. Per Olin Miller, "Writing is the hardest way of earning a living, with the possible exception of wrestling alligators." If you don't already know this, the costs of PROMO/Marketing is the responsibility of the author, so expect to shell out money to build a readership. One of the things you should concentrate on is writing faster and still maintaining the quality. Set daily goals, whether it's words or pages, and keep tract of your actual daily output. How long does it take you to produce a novel? You need to know how fast you can produce a novel when you get published because you'll be selling on proposals and giving your editor the date you'll deliver the complete novel.

VS: Would you like to ask blog readers a question?

JG: I'm hoping The Wild Rose Press will also give me a contract on another orphan of mine: Blood Hunt: The Legend by J Gilbert, the darker side of Judith, so I can get the other three books in the Blood Hunt series out for my readers. The Legend has witches, vampires, shapeshifters, FBI and the Army to contend with. The second book has the addition of a Demon from Hell. Think of your worse nightmare. If you had the power to pick a name for this Demon from Hell, what would it be?

VS: Great question! And I definitely hope TWRP offers you a contract for Blood Hunt: The Legend. I have read most of this story in the critique group, folks, and it is fantastic! Thanks again for being a guest here. Please visit Judith Gilbert's website at: www.authorjudithgilbert.com


Anonymous said...

Hi Judith!

"A Perfect Affair" sounds fabulous and Jared sounds like an amazing hero!

If I had to name a Demon from Hell, I would either give him an really ordinary name like Don or Joe so he wouldn't get so much attention... or I'd go with a really unique and regal name, not because I think he is a good guy by any means, only bc it seems that a demon from hell would be self absorbed enough to have a beautiful name that flowed off the tongue.

Good luck with your contract with TWRP! I hope all works out for you!

Eliza Knight

Carol Ericson said...

Hi Judith, gotta love a touching Christmas romance, and your cover is beautiful. Now for that demon from hell - well, Damian is the obvious choice, isn't it? I think they must've chosen that name in The Omen movies because it sounds like demon. What was Anne Rice's character, Lasher? He was so creepy and horrible and his name fit him.

Kit Wylde said...

I'd do some research on names to see what different names meant. Maybe Brandon, which means dark warrior, or something like that. One of my favorite name sites is Behindthename.com. :)