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Today I’m giving extra-special thanks and remembering the birthday of the most important person ever in my life. Had she not succumbed to cancer, my beloved mother would have turned eighty years old today. Her indomitable spirit in the face of a devastating disease is the reason I refuse to let life’s upheavals and unforeseen circumstances get me down. She fought the good fight and so do I, every single day. During her illness I tapped into my creative side and started writing a tender historical romance that has never been published. Each day for the remainder of her life I serialized this story for her. The 431-page novel wasn't completed until after her death, but I knew she remained at my side during the writing process, providing support as always. Memories from those times we spent together are some of my most precious. Mom was an avid reader of romance and women’s fiction. She read several category romances each week, and Western settings were among her favorites. This blog post is in honor of Mom, the woman whose guidance and encouragement of my love of the written word spurred me to embark on a writing career.

For years I’ve enjoyed reading tales of the Wild West and those rugged men who win hearts and wrangle their way out of the worst situations. While watching television one afternoon, I became inspired to write a Western historical erotic romance set in Tombstone. TAMING THE TEMPTRESS is a ribald tale that speaks to second chances at love and of never giving up hope. It’s all about rising above circumstances and realizing good things come to those who wait.


Nothing comes between Lorelei Pettigrew and her whip…until a handsome newspaperman from NY arrives on the scene with a story on his agenda and seduction on his mind.When a saloon siren, Lorelei Pettigrew, crosses paths with the latest handsome man to arrive in Tombstone, her passion knows no boundaries. James Melton, a newspaperman from New York, ventures to this sinful silver town looking for a story but finds romance and redemption instead. When Lorelei’s life is threatened, James vows to protect the spirited temptress and deliver her from harm. He’s always preferred dalliances to husbandly duty, but after a short time in Lorelei’s company, James’s mind and life change forever.


James and Lorelei are enchanting characters with well developed personalities. They are opposites in some ways and yet they complement each other very well. Their relationship progresses at a realistic pace. The way the emotional connection between them develops is fascinating to watch. The love scenes are hotter than a firecracker and left me breathless. The language used in the book is appropriate to the time period. The setting is nicely described and appropriate to the storyline.Ms. Moore has written a tale of love and lust in the old West that I enjoyed greatly. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Western style romance with detailed love scenes. Taming the Temptress is most definitely a keeper!" - Susan White, Coffee Time Romance.

"Lorelei is a remarkably written character. Her emotions are genuine and really pull at the reader’s heartstrings. I'm not sure I have ever read a romance where the heroine is really a prostitute. But, although Lorelei manages to avoid sleeping with some patrons, she definitely does have sex for money. James expects the worst of Lorelei because of what she does for a living. Likewise, Lorelei thinks James will be like every other man she’s known and walk away after he gets what he wants. They each have to earn the other’s trust. Ms. Moore has penned a brilliant combination of Western romance and erotica. Taming the Temptress is a gritty, erotic romance that doesn’t candy-coat the harsh reality of life for some women in the old West. I highly recommend this touching, yet very erotic love story." - Reviewed by Shelley,
Fallen Angel Reviews.

"Taming the Temptress is a poignant novel. From the moment James sets eyes on Lorelei we see her as a most strong woman, full of spirit and determination. Men have treated her badly in her years but she maintains her strength the best she can. James admires that she has been able to keep her sweetness. He is there to get a story for his newspaper but he cannot fight the strong urges that he begins having for Lorelei. Ms. Moore illustrates a picturesque life of what it was like in the Old West with hard times and what impact it played upon the woman as she was made to feel as a possession or a section of property. The characters are quite believable and the dialogue superb. Ms. Moore has depicted Lorelei with courage, tender emotions and a powerful resolution that melts the heartstrings. I enjoyed reading about James and Lorelei as their love for each other allowed them to earn each other's trust." -- 5 Hearts, Linda,
The Romance Studio Blue.

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Wishing you all health and happiness for the holiday season,

Shawna Moore
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Elen Grey said...


How lovely that you are dedicating this post to your mother. That you serialized a story for her during her final days is beyond beautiful. I, too, love a western setting. May memories of your mother bring you joy this day. Smiles across...

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Elen!

Thanks for stopping by. Mom is the reason I love reading and writing romance fiction :) I appreciate your kind words on this poignant day. In a short while I'm heading back to the writing. You are right--the memories of Mom are bringing me joy today!

Wishing you happiness and health this holiday season,


Vonda Sinclair said...

What a beautiful, touching post Shawna. It's wonderful you gave your mother the gift of a story from your heart during such a difficult time. I'm sure you made her incredibly happy.

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Vonda!

That historical romance tale provided us so many special moments. Made her smile despite the cancer pain. She loved reading romance novels until her eyes were affected by the therapy. I'm grateful her encouragement of my writing brought us both a great deal of happiness then and since.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute, Shawna. I fell in love with westerns as a child. Who didn't love Matt Dillion, the boys of Bonanza and of course Clint Eastwood in Rawhide. I have to admit, I never thought of them then the way I think of westerns when I read your writing.
I'm sure some where your mother is very proud of you and all you've accomplished. How wonderful that the two of you shared the love of the written word.

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Susan!

I'm glad you liked my tribute to mom and Western romances. You bet I enjoyed watching Marshall Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke and the Cartwrights on Bonanza :) Such great memories from those growing-up days :) Both mom and dad were big Clint Eastwood fans, too.

Mom was with me today, her spirit especially strong. Every day I give thanks for her love and support.

Thanks for your lovely comments :)

Wishing you and yours happiness and health this holiday season,


Keziah Fenton said...

Shawna - a very touching tribute to your mom. It's wonderful that you still feel her with you.

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Keziah!

Thanks for stopping by the blog :) Mom's presence always proves inspiring. At times when I feel her presence strongest, those are the moments when the writing or editing flows. Though I miss our daily chats and all the fun times we spent together, I'm comforted knowing she's never far away in spirit :)

Wishing you all the best for the holidays and beyond,


Carol said...

Shawna, your tribute to your mom is so touching. What beautiful memories the two of you made. You're a strong dedicated daughter. Blessings.


ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Carol!

Those precious memories buffer life's badness. They also spur me to remain creative and write the fiction I also love reading :) Hope you have a fantastic week!

Wishing you and yours the happiest and healthiest of holidays,