Happy Holiday Traditions

Once upon a time my grandmother, mother and aunt baked multiple batches of assorted Christmas cookies for sharing with friends, relatives and neighbors. Oatmeal raisin. Forgotten cookies. Cherry Winks. Sand tarts. Porcupines. Sugar cookies. Thumbprints. The list continues, but these are a sampling of which dozens were prepared and devoured. Though the variety changed and lessened over the passing years, one baking tradition remained—chocolate-chip cookies were always tucked into festive tins and dwindled rapidly between removal from the ovens and Christmas Eve. More now than ever, I choose to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas while embracing the beauty and natural majesty of the season. Shortly after Thanksgiving I shift into baking mode and prepare those chocolate-chip cookies that bring smiles, raised coffee mugs and good cheer.

Snow has fallen and your senses are stirred at first breath as you step outside. Lampposts and lintels are festooned. Holiday finery decorates doors, windows, shrubs and lawns. Proud pines show off their tinsel and trimmings. You’re strolling along, perhaps singing a favorite Christmas carol and mulling over plans for the season. What Christmas tradition is observed by you and your family?

Blessings and all the best for the holidays and beyond,

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Gina Black said...

What is a Forgotten cookie?

We are so *non* traditional. But . . . my honorary sister usually makes frosted and decorated cookies and we enjoy doing that every year. I also make things for people every year. That's what makes it Christmas for me. On the years I don't have time to do that, I just don't enjoy the holidays as much.

Elen Grey said...

We like to mix it up in our household, so there will be different fare on the table from year to year. We've done everything from flame a turkey to eat a hot dog. Oddly, that was the best Christmas ever. Exhausted, we stayed in our jammies all day and played with our two-year-old daughter. We love late night Christmas Eve service and still listen for reindeer on the roof! We have a Hummel figurine that always, always goes on the mantel.

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Gina!

Those cookies sound delightful :) I agree with you--holidays aren't the same when traditions aren't observed. Giving to others yields many rewards, now more than ever. The happiness experienced as a result of goodwill and gifting from the heart is beyond compare :)

Have a fabulous Sunday and thanks for sharing your traditions!

Blessings and all the holiday best for you and yours,


ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Elen!

I like your idea of varying the Christmas meal fare. Keeps guests guessing and adds to the seasonal fun :) I'll always remember a few Christmases when we persuaded my mom and aunt to cut back on the trimmings with our holiday meals. They had lots more fun and enjoyed the day more when there weren't all those extra dishes piling up in the sink and on the sideboard (and I'm still someone who doesn't use a dishwasher). They had a chance to chat with family members they didn't get to see very often. Glad to hear you've had some lovely times in Christmases past. May the lovely Hummel figurine adorn your mantel for many years to come!

Blessings and all the holiday best for you and yours,


Nicole North said...

Great post, Shawna! Your family's holiday traditions sound wonderful. I LOVE cookies of all kinds but rarely bake them anymore because, well... then I'd eat most of them and we all know what happens then. LOL But a few never hurt anyone. I might try a making Scottish shortbread for the first time this year. I also enjoy baking brownies and breads, like apple cinnamon bread or molasses bread for the holidays. Mmmm, now I'm hungry...

ShawnaMoore said...

Hey Nicole!

Your post is making me hungry and I've already had dinner :)

Absolutely, those brownies must be baked! Anything chocolate is good :) Coffee and chocolate are my daily must-haves LOL I love shortbread but have never tried making it from scratch. Those Walker's tins are one gift I always connect with Christmas. As for the yummy and savory breads, once they start rising in the oven, the whole house fills with comfort and joy :)

Blessings and all the best for you and yours over the holidays,


Karen Kelley said...

We do the cookies and candy thing, too. The whole family used to get involved with baking and it was shared fun. Now that the kids are grown and have families of their own, my husband and I carry on the tradition and we still have lots of fun.
Best Wishes,
Karen Kelley

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Karen!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your tradition :) Amazing how those holiday traditions weather the years and family growth and remain every bit as enjoyable as the first time we observed them :) Hope you and yours have a happy and health holiday season! Love your books :)

Blessings and all the best,