Back From Book Signings

I've been AWOL from Fierce Romance for a while to promote my two December releases, The Stranger and I, from Harlequin Intrigue and Virgin of the Amazon in Secrets Volume 21: Primal Heat. The promotion for my Harlequin included two book signings, my first ever. They weren't as terrifying as you might imagine because I was well within my comfort zone for both signings. The first one took place at the Borders in my hometown. I invited friends, neighbors, a few co-workers, and lots of acquaintances. It was a fun and festive occasion. A few people bought several books to give away as gifts. The second signing took place after my romance writers chapter meeting at the Barnes and Noble where we meet. Again, I got lots of support from my chaptermates, and my 90-year old uncle even traveled almost two hours to attend! The interesting part of the signings came in the days following as people around town and my husband's co-workers began reading the book. I'd go to pick up my son at after-school care and the woman who watched him when he was in kindergarten told me that she had just two chapters left and kept getting interrupted and couldn't stand it because she had to finish it! One of my co-workers who couldn't come to the signing and ordered it online brought it to work for me to sign, already bent back, creased, and half-read. She was thoroughly enjoying it. So it's a strange and thrilling experience to have people (not critique partners or husbands) reading my words and my story and reacting to them, thinking about my characters, getting engrossed in the intrigue and action. Writing is so solitary, I think sometimes we forget the end result. I've lived with these stories in my head for so long, it's a bit of a shock to realize they're out there and people are actually reading my thoughts. These are my first two books "out there." Will I ever get over this feeling that somehow other people have invaded my mind to look into my imagination?


Lexi said...

That's great, Carol! I can't wait to read the Intrigue. It's in my suitcase for my Christmas vacation!

As for losing the feeling that others have invaded your mind, I'll guess that the feeling doesn't go away. Maybe it'll change as you publish more and more, but I would think it's always going to be with you.

Nicole North said...

Interesting post, Carol! I bet the booksignings were exciting. I loved your description of it. I think you're great at pulling people into your mind and thoughts because I felt vicariously that I was at the booksignings too. How very cool that your 90 yr old uncle came. Are you finding that people you know respond as positively about your Red Sage story as they do to the Intrigue story? Or is it a bit different because of the spiciness?

Cindy Procter-King said...

Congratulations on the double release of your first books, Carol! I picked up The Stranger and I the other day and look forward to reading it.

That's great that the signings went so well. I agree that it's a bit nerve-wracking to realize other people are reading your work and what might their reactions be? However, because I publish with a micro-press with
limited distribution, I don't have to worry about too many people reading my work, LOL.

I hope to see many more Harlequin Intrigues from you in the future!


ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Carol!

Glad to hear the signings went well! Here's to more of the same great news in your future and many more signings! Thanks for sharing those exciting moments with us :)


Carol Ericson said...

Lexi, enjoy your vacation!

Nicole, I haven't told as many people about the Red Sage story. I think that will be altogether more freaky because of the erotic content. In addition to my imagination, readers will be invading my erotic fantasies as well. Yikes!

Cindy, you'll have lots of people reading your work before long. ;)

Shawna, I can't imagine doing a signing outside my comfort zone, especially alone. I'd be up for a group signing with other erotic romance authors, but I think it would be horrendous to sit at a table with a pile of my books and have people walk by, look at me, and pass me by. A funny story at one of the signings. My table was set up next to the Harlequin racks, and a woman was looking at another line, not Intrigue. My husband approached her and said, "Do you like Harlequins? This one's really good; my wife wrote it." She held up another HQ/SIL and said "my friend wrote this." LOL

Nicole North said...

Yes, that's true, Carol. Since I'll be in the same situation next year, just trying to imagine what it will be like and how to respond to those who aren't as openminded.

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

In a different vein, my Winning the Highlander's Heart did really well, though some told me, wow, it was really hot, not expecting that. But they want the sequel. So now I have a new book coming out. What is it? Uhm, a werewolf romantic suspense. LOL. Okay, so it's not the same as a medieval historical romantic susense.

Some say they wouldn't read anything like that. Others want to read whatever I'm writing. The vampire YA comes out in print after that and the same people who wouldn't buy a werewolf story are definitely buying the vampire one for their teens or grandchildren.

So even with mixed genres, it can be difficult and when people ask what my Heart of the Wolf is...I'm kind of reluctant to say. I smile, work up the courage, and come out with it! :)