A Highlander For Christmas by Sandy Blair & Interview

Recently I finished reading A Highlander For Christmas by Sandy Blair and now it has a home on my keeper shelf. This book has everything--a sexy Highlander, a lovable modernday heroine, strong emotion and humor by the boatload. A couple places were so funny I literally laughed so hard I cried. I highly recommend this book! I bet you're wondering what exactly the story is about...

Welcome To My World
‘Tis the season to be jolly—but Boston antiques dealer Claire MacGregor isn’t looking forward to a solo Christmas, or cocoa for one, or trimming the tree by herself. But company’s coming. Claire is fooling around with an old puzzle box and when it opens...a gorgeous, studly laird appears. Thumbs down: Sir Cameron MacLeod is centuries old. Thumbs up: he doesn’t look it. And Cameron is tall, dark, and lusty—very lusty.

Come Away To Mine
Who is this lovely lass? And where is he? Before awakening in the 21st century in Claire’s bedroom, the last thing Sir Cameron MacLeod remembers was readying for war with a rival clan. Despite her strange clothes and odd ways, Claire is bonny and brave. He’s about to find out that love is a many-splendored thing indeed...

I'm happy to say Sandy agreed to stop by and answer some of my questions...

VS: Welcome, Sandy! Great cover! Do you have a review or two you could share with us?

SB: Sure. Here are but a few from print and on-line reviewers.

“A Highlander for Christmas is a sizzling, sexy time-travel romance generously spiced with Sandy Blair’s delectably sharp sense of wit.” ~ Chicago Tribune

“A HIGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS is beautifully written, and comes with a high recommendation. Sandy Blair is an author well worth getting to know.
~Romance Reviews Today, Jane Bowers

“Blair's readable style and brisk pacing add flair to a story sure to entertain busy readers in the mood for a short holiday charmer.”
~ Bookloons.com

VS: Wonderful reviews! What is the story behind the story?

SB: I was ½ way through A WARRIOR IN A KILT when my editor called and asked if I could change it to a Christmas story. I said sure, I’ll throw in some holly. “Uhmm, no,” she said, “You’ll have to change XY and Z to make it lighter fare.” (She’d seen the story line, knew I had a tortured hero.) Rather than make the changes she suggested (which would have taken a great storyline in a totally different direction,) I thought for a minute then said, “How about this...” and gave her my Boston antique dealer plot line, which had been percolating at the back of my mind for awhile. She said, “Great! Run with it.” And so A HIGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS came to be.

VS: Wow, that's interesting. Who is your favorite character in this story and why?

SB: Cam is definitely my favorite. Favored since birth, he plays as hard as he fights when the opportunity presents itself, hasn’t a modest bone in his body, is a man of his word and definitely a reiver at heart.

VS: I certainly agree with that. He was my favorite character in the story too. Thanks for being here with us, Sandy! Everyone, please visit Sandy's website at http://www.sandyblair.net/ and click here to read an excerpt.

A question for those of you who love to read time-travels, do you prefer books where a modernday person travels back in time, or one where a person from back in history travels to today? Or some other arrangement like time-traveling into the future, or someone from one historical era traveling to another? Me? I love them all and love variety.


Carol Ericson said...

Thanks for dropping by, Sandy. I have to admit, I don't read paranormal or time travel romance but time travel stories really appeal to me and yours sounds great!

I prefer time travel stories where a character from the past finds him/herself in present day. That type of story definitely has more potential for humor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vonda and Sandy! Thanks for the great interview. I would prefer one where a person from back in history travels to today. I find characters interesting that way with a tortured character. It's always a great way to use history.