One Wish by Calista Fox & Interview

Today we have Calista Fox visiting with us. She's sold several stories to Red Sage for the Secrets anthologies including IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT—Vol. 13 (July ’05), INTIMATE RENDEZVOUS—Vol. 17 (Dec. ’06), MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS—Vol. 22 (Dec. ’07), FOREVER MY LOVE (July ’08), SECRET RENDEZVOUS (’08) and a Single Title Release by Red Sage Publishing: OBJECT OF DESIRE. Her new story from eRed Sage has just been released. And she has a wonderful contest going on.

Nicole: Welcome, Calista! Please tell us about ONE WISH.

Calista: Jillian Anderson is at her wits end when it comes to the crazy mishaps and constant problems she encounters when she takes over her uncle’s bar, the Old Age Saloon. She’s up to her eyeballs in debt and bad luck. To make matters worse, Jillian has a bad case of unrequited love for bad boy Luke Parsons. They set the sheets ablaze at night, but by the light of day, Luke is as elusive as the eternal bliss her uncle had promised her when she took over the saloon.
But Sedona, Arizona, is a mystical place to live, and when a playful genie hopped up on spicy, tequila-laced pickles offers her one wish, Jillian finds she has to open her own heart in order to win Luke’s. Does the genie hold the key to bringing Jillian and Luke together forever?

Nicole: Mmm... a bad boy and a mystical place. What could be better? And I love the cover! What inspired you to write this story?

Calista: I was in this really great bar in Sedona one hot afternoon when the story idea struck me. I was having a drink and people-watching with a friend and I overheard some interesting conversations that really got me going. If you’ve ever been to Sedona, you know it’s a beautiful place—a town that’s surrounded by tall red-rock canyons. Some towns have a personality—this is one of them. It’s quaint and laid back, but there’s a great energy in Sedona and it’s probably because of the “mystical vortex” it’s famous for! UFO chasers, crystal worshippers, spiritual advisors and “new agers” are abundant there. So too are writers and artists, because it’s a very serene, tranquil place. (One of the country’s best spas is located at the Enchantment Resort, by the way. It’s called Mii Amo. I highly recommend it!)

Nicole: Sounds beautiful and makes me want to visit Sedona. Let's get back to the hero... what do you think is so appealing to readers, as well as writers, about the bad boy hero?

Calista: I think women love bad boys because they’re elusive creatures and because they play by different rules—and get away with it. Everything about them is sexy because they’re forbidden fruit—hard-to-impossible to tame or mold into what you really want or need in man, but so damned irresistible! I’ve been a bad-boy addict since junior high. Nice guys always wanted to date me and I’d always pass them over for a bad-boy, even knowing my heart was going to get broken!

Nicole: Sigh! I know what you mean, they are so hard to resist. Would you like to pose a question to blog readers?

Calista: Absolutely! What a great way to hear readers’ opinions! Let’s see… I would like to know what elements of an erotic romance story entices a reader to buy the book, particularly if they aren’t familiar with the author. Anyone?

Please visit to enter Calista's fantastic contest. You could win a basket full of goodies from Sedona ($100 worth)!!


Rachelle Chase said...

Oh, I just love a bad boy and anything by Calista Fox. A wonderful combination! Can't wait to read ONE WISH, Calista!!

And, in answer to your question about trying a new author ... if it's a totally new author that I know nothing about and have not gotten a referral from a friend, then it's the plot that entices me. If it's one of my favorites (i.e., features a bad boy - LOL) or is unique and appeals, I'll be tempted to buy it. This is how I've discovered new authors.

At any rate, congrats on the new release, Calista!

Natasha Moore said...

Calista, I finished ONE WISH a couple nights ago. What a fun read!
And I'm a sucker for a bad boy too:)

Calista Fox, Author said...

Rachelle, you are an erotic romance writer's dream come true--it's all about the bad boy with you! And don't we all love to write them?? (Well, we chase them in real life, too, but that's another blog... LOL)

Thanks for stopping by--I know you're busy promoting your next book, Sin Club.


Calista Fox, Author said...

Thanks, Natasha! I had so much fun writing a "fun romp" for eRedsage! And yeah, those bad boys do us in every time, don't they? ;-)

Mia Varano said...

Thanks for dropping by, Calista. I love your cover, and I can't even imagine a tequila-laced pickle!

I have to say, what makes me pick up an erotic romance by an author I don't know has a lot to do with the cover. I'm a sucker for a shirtless hero with washboard abs. I also like a dash of humor with my sex ;)

Anonymous said...

Another winner from Calista Fox! Clever characters and a beautiful wonder sparks fly? (or is that the tequila talkin?)

When I pick up a new author to read it’s not only the plot but the characters. I like interesting people and places to take me away from the daily grind. Of course if the hero meets that criteria and is a bad boy to’s a done deal!

Great job Calista!!!