Celebrity Entertainment

I have some entertainment for you today...

(Hilarious) First a showdown between Fabio and George Clooney. Who do you think would win in a fist fight? Yes, please cast your vote, and if you're so inclined, watch the news footage.


And then, Enrique gets bitten. Whew!!! Wouldn't he be a sexy paranormal hero? Some of the girls in this video are from the CW show America's Next Top Model.

Enrique... yum! Okay, I've got to go watch that again.


Carol Ericson said...

OK, I have to vote for Fabio here. I just don't like GC. Sounds like GC got into a little snit. I also heard GC get snippy at a news conference when a reporter challengd him. You're not god, George. I think Fabio sounds like a gentleman, and he's way hotter than GC.

Nicole North said...

I agree, Carol. I voted for Fabio too. Gooooo Fabio!!!