What I Love/Hate About Fall

I was born on the first day of autumn in... we won't say what year... but it was Sept. 22. This year my birthday fell again on the first day of autumn. (That doesn't always happen.) When I was a child, fall was my favorite season, though I'm not sure why. Now I have mixed feelings about it.

What I hate about fall...
1. All those spiders that suddenly show up everywhere and their webs. I especially hate the big orangy-brown ones that build webs where I walk into them easily.
2. It's the end of the growing season. I'm a gardener so naturally I don't enjoy it when frost kills back all my flowers and plants. And I won't be harvesting any more hot pepper until the next summer.
3. Katydid and frost bug mating calls. My husband loves hearing them, but I don't. They keep me awake if the window is open and remind me of the above (end of growing season.) They also make me feel nostalgic.
4. Paying property taxes.
5. Buying heating oil.

What I love about fall...
1. END of hurricane season. I hate all the tragedies happening along the southern and Gulf coasts in summer.
2. Cooler temperatures. Heat gives me headaches and my home doesn't have an air conditioner.
3. Those beautiful fall leaves and bright blue skies. I live in the mountains with forests and trees all around so this is usually quite a show.
4. Despite this being the end of the growing season, there are a number of fall flowers and berries that are beautiful.
5. Fall holidays and colorful decorations.

What do you love or hate about fall most?


Randy said...

New school clothes! Oh, wait. I'm too old for school. New TV schedule? Yeah, that works. Other than that, I'm a little sad to see summer go. :(

Vonda Sinclair said...

But you can still buy new clothes in fall. haha Great excuse to shop. Yep, I like the new TV shows too. Forgot about that one.