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Welcome everyone. This week I'm looking at the Spotlight on HQN and Red Dress Ink from RWA's National Conference.

Red Dress Ink, (RDI) launched in November of 2001. They were one of the first imprints devoted to Chick Lit. Since that time, the market has become more crowded with Chick Lit lines. Beginning in 2006, RDI will move from 3 titles a month to 2 titles a month. They are also refocusing on their core market of traditional chick lit for 18-34 year old readers. They want protagonists under 35 years old. You need four things to write a successful RDI novel:
Quality writing,
Likeable characters – characters you would want to hang out with
A fun, irreverent tone, and
A fresh voice.
Voice is key – it should be “irreverent, sarcastic, humorous and modern.”

Executive Editor Margaret Marbury is really keen on Chick Lit mystery, but it can’t be a regular mystery with a few girly comments through in. It must have a real female sensibility.

HQN launched in August of 2004. They started with mass market paperback romance and now also publish some trade and hardcover titles as well as releasing four mass market romances a month. HQN focuses on “big fat romance.” They publish both contemporary and historical romance and romantic suspense. They don’t want gritty thrillers, but rather suspense with a prominent, emotional romance. They’re also open to paranormal romance. But the emphasis must always be on the romance. According to Executive Editor Tracy Farrell, their focus at the moment is on big contemporary romance. These books are 100,000 to 150,000 words.

HQN and RDI do not consider unagented submissions. Unagented authors my query with a short (1-2 pages) synopsis.

A few editorial changes:
At Avalon books, Orly Trieber, assistant editor, has been removed from the list of
acquiring editors.

Selina McLemore has left Avon books. She is now an editor with Red Dress Ink.

May Chen is now listed as associate editor at Avon.

Susan McCarty is a new assistant editor at Berkley/Jove.

Demetria Lucas, associate editor, has been added to the list of acquiring editors for Silhouette Books. Harlequin Superromance's Johanna Raisanen is now listed as associate

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