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What is a Blog Reiver? I am! This is the title of my new monthly column for the Celtic Hearts Romance Writers' newsletter, Call of the Clans. I'll be visiting the blogs of published and unpublished writers, editors and agents. I have found much wisdom, motivation and entertainment on blogs and I realized some of these entries would make awesome newsletter content. "Reiver" is a Scots word first used before the 12th century and means to raid. Aye, when they stole cattle from the neighboring clan, that was reiving. But I promise I always get permission before borrowing someone's blog entries. In the column, I'm including bio type information, links to the person's blog and website and, if they're published, a title or two of their recently published books. So it's free publicity for them that will reach the over one hundred members of Celtic Hearts, while we get to benefit from their wisdom. My first target is fellow Celtic Hearts member and RITA Award winning author of fantasy, futuristic romance, Robin D. Owens. She's had a number of books published, including Heart Choice, Heart Duel and Guardian of Honor. She was 2004 Rocky Mtn Fiction Writer of the Year. Her blog, Robin D. Owens on Writing and Publishing, is amazing and chock full of writerly wisdom! Here are the addresses of her blog and website.

Watch out! You may be the Blog Reiver's next target. ;-)


The auctions to help writer Larissa Ione who lost her home during the hurricane are underway at eBay.

Also the auctions for Leslie Ferdinand and her mom, who write as a team as Christine Holden, who also lost their homes during the hurricane, are going on at eBay. Please bid lots for these authors.

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