I confess, I bought my first Robomaid recently. It isn't quite so elaborate as 'The Jetson's' robotic maid but this one does a good job cleaning the floor. It's an electronic ball that roll inside a plastic ring with a electrostatic pad attached to the bottom. Very simple and inexpensive, but heck, so far I love it. I have two cats and a lot of dust. The Robomaid picks up the cat hair and dust easily. It just rolls around randomly across my hardwood floors and tile. It won't work for carpets of, course. You'd need one of those robotic vacuums for that. I've wanted one of those too but thought I'd give this a try first. The cats watch it like it's some sort of alien creature but they haven't pounced on it yet. This cuts down on my cleaning time so I have more time to write. Aha, that's the whole point.

Have you tried a neat new invention or gizmo lately?

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