Her Royal Mistake Giveaway!

This came a few days ago! A box of print copies of Her Royal Mistake! The cover by Lacey Savage is lovely!

My birthday was also a couple days ago. To celebrate I'm giving away one print copy to a lucky commenter today. Tell me your favorite birthday present ever! (This year I went with friends on a Mystery Dinner Train. Lots of fun!)

(I do have to state that if the winner lives outside the US, I'll give away a digital copy due to the cost of postage.)

Here's a quick excerpt from Her Royal Mistake:

She trembled as Nardo ran his hands down her bare arms. She’d never thought calloused, workman hands would be pleasant to experience on her skin, but the rough-but-not-too-rough fingers and palms sent amazing sensations shooting over her body. Thank goodness she was no longer wearing the heels because her body actually rocked from the overwhelming sensations and she might have fallen over if she hadn’t had her bare feet flat on the floor.

“You’re so lovely. Bella.” Nardo steadied her with his hands on her hips. “I’m so looking forward to removing this dress and revealing what lies beneath.”

But he didn’t. At least not right away. First, he traced a finger along the neckline of her bodice, branding her skin with the heat from his fingertip. He slid over the curves of her small breasts and dipped between them, making her catch her breath.

Birgitte dropped her head back. Her skin had already been sensitized by the fooling around they’d done inside the maze. Now she wanted to tear off her dress and push him onto the bed. But she didn’t.

There was something about the way Nardo was exploring her, taking his time as if to discover if her back was softer than her arms, or if her meager cleavage was warmer than her neck. More than that, his intense gaze mesmerized her. And the soft words he murmured, most of which she did not understand, made her feel as if he were worshipping her body.

“What are you saying?” she asked when he paused from the lyrical litany rolling off his tongue. “I don’t understand.”

“I’m simply saying how beautiful you are. How fortunate I am to be here with you tonight. How much I’m looking forward to spending time enjoying you.”

“Oh.” No man had made her feel this special before. And that included all the men who praised her for her royal bearing, her royal beauty, her royal body. Nardo didn’t seem to care at all that she was a princess. Perhaps because he grew up with royalty, he wasn’t all that impressed.

But if she didn’t have her royalty, her princess persona going for her, what did he see in her?

Nobody. She was nobody.

Her body wasn’t all that much. She was tall and thin, with no real curves for a man to enjoy. She knew her personality pushed people away. What man wanted to put his arms around a woman known as the Ice Princess?

Still Nardo continued to explore her body with his strong fingers, continued to coo those soft words that flowed so smoothly in his native language. And he still had not begun to remove her gown.

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Mary Preston said...

My parents gave me a stunning string of pearls for my 21st. Easily my favorite gift.