Wanna Get Into Some Double Trouble?

Last week I posted about Cat Cervantes' book, Trouble Magnet, in which Regina "Finn" Finnegan finds herself thrust into the world of being a CIA operative whether she's ready or not. This week Double Trouble, the latest addition to the series, is now available. If you like a little romance, a lot of action, and a heroine whose resourcefulness matches MacGyver's, give it a try. The description is below:

If trouble’s in town, it not only finds Regina “Finn” Finnegan, it’s usually parked on her couch having a beer and pizza.

Despite her most recent success in saving the world, the CIA wants their barely trained agent to sit at a desk with her hands clasped and feet on the floor until they dole out boring training exercises to get her up to speed. However, when her superior sends her on a routine courier assignment, something goes terribly wrong and it becomes a top priority exfiltration mission to escape Russian intelligence, the mafia and the police. Even a vacation in Cancun needs a seat belt when Finn’s abducted by a drug gang and has to race through the jungle with a Senator from Ohio who hasn’t seen a gym since cassette tapes and sweatbands.

With a Mad Hatter taxi driver, Goth anarchists, mom’s fifty-year birthday party, a pack of monkeys and a herd of jumping spiders, Finn reaches her wits end just to survive. Add one hot NSA operative vying for her attention and she’s got more action than a Bruce Willis movie.
Double the adventure. Double the fun.

Double Trouble.

Happy Reading!

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