50 Shades of Controversy

            So… have you seen the movie version of 50 Shades of Grey yet?  A whopping $90 million dollar opening weekend means that many, many people have, and probably a lot of them are the 100 million people who bought the book. 
            I saw the movie on its opening weekend. The theater was full, with a much bigger percentage of boyfriends/husbands than I would have expected (altho not mine, LOL). I had the misfortune of sitting next to one very uncomfortable man who squirmed and huffed and muttered under his breath during the entire 125 minute showing.
 I thought the movie adhered pretty well to the book, but I did feel sorry for people who came into the theater expecting an erotic romance and instead got a profoundly dysfunctional hero who, to quote Christian Grey himself, is 50 shades of f***ed up.
The reviews have ranged from average to awful, so what do you think? If you’ve read the books and seen this first movie, did you enjoy it? What did you think of the casting of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in the leads? Do you feel the moviemakers toned down the sex in order to attract a wider audience?
At the very least, the film seems to have launched a national conversation about sex. And for romance writers, that’s never a bad thing.
Give me your opinion!


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