Does Your Refrigerator Dance?

Can Your Refrigerator Dance?

No, but maybe it can sing. :)

People are tired of the refrigerator taking up so much room and doing so little. (Really? I never minded, myself, but I'm not one of those early adopters.)

New refrigerators can dispense sparkling water for you. Eh, that's cool. But the real prize in helpful equipment is the refrigerator which can not only cool your food, but make you hot coffee. (Now we're talking!) This system, which doesn't merely dispense hot water (so pedestrian!), has a Keurig K-Cup coffee pod, which makes one cup of coffee at a time. Enticed yet? GE will have this model this fall, but it will set you back $3,300.

Samsung goes one better, for the daunting price of $3,800. This cool machine is Wi-Fi connected. It can make and receive phone calls (I don't think it will replace that handy-dandy cell phone, but who knows), play TV shows, and mirror applications stored on your smartphone (again, the phone is so handy! If you need to leave the room, you aren't dragging the fridge with you, not even a $3,800 fridge).

But I digress. You wanted to know about the singing and dancing. Seriously, the newest refrigerators offer sound systems as well. Whirlpool has a fridge equipped with CoolVox, a Bluetooth enabled sound system so you can get that radio/iPad/whatever off your kitchen counter, and still listen to your tunes.

So far, however, you'll still have to do the dancing.


E.Ayers said...

Obviously this is coming, but I must admit I'm sitting here laughing. We've come a long way since the days of an icebox.

I'm content with something that simply keeps my food cold but I guess I'm a bit old-fashioned about such things. Yet if it call up a recipe and hold it there, free of splatters, etc. I just might be interested.

Carly Carson said...

E, lol. You got me thinking. I don't want it to merely hold up a clean recipe. I'd appreciate it if it would cook the whole meal!