Do You Believe In Past Lives?

As I got home from my weekly Tai Chi class yesterday, I had a strange thought. Why do I like this Chinese martial art so much? It’s meditative and centering, but is that the reason? I'm not Chinese, but when I lived in California, I took 10 years’ worth of Chinese Brush painting lessons, falling in love with the intricacies of its fine line style of painting with watercolor, and the stark black ink of calligraphy. Does my penchant for these two distinct disciplines possibly mean I was Chinese in a previous life?

Does the fact I will NEVER take a cruise mean that I drowned in a previous lifetime? I’m deathly afraid of water; I can’t even be out of my depth in a pool without freaking out. Heck, as a girl I never even wanted to learn how to swim! I once won a free cruise to the Bahamas and never even claimed the prize.

What makes one person like the color red better than the color blue? Or prefer the driving beat of rock music more than classical music or jazz? Or fall in love with one person and not another?

In the second book of my slightly-futuristic Tau Cetus Chronicles erotic romance series, Programmed To Protect, police agent Leith Wyatt falls in love with a Beautiful Doll sex robot named Ginger. Not for the incredible physical satisfaction she gives him, but for the person she is. You could say he loves her software, despite her hardware. She’s a woman, and he’s a man. End of discussion. Readers have given me wonderful feedback on the believability of Leith & Ginger’s unique relationship, and that’s the best compliment any author could hope for!

So… just exactly what is it inside of us that dictates our preferences? Do you believe in past lives influencing our current ones, or are today’s choices ours alone? It’s an interesting question. What do you think?


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