Sometimes Black and White is Just Right! by Terry Spear

Not everything is 50 shades of gray, either. But, I often talk about how people truly aren’t all black and white. They aren’t all good or evil. They are all different.

I like color. Different shades and hues. Like a forest with millions of different colors of green.
When I see photographers take pictures and turn them into black and white works of art, I think it’s so cool. I’m not good at doing that.

But I decided to turn Max’s photo into a black and white, because he is black and white and when I take pictures of him in the house, they always turn him more cream colored. Or oftentimes.

So here is Max, before Tanner was chewing on his whiskers. Max’s hair is still in his eyes, but as it gets longer, it should be better. Thanks to Lin, who sent Max some smaller rubberbands that work much better.

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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