Why A Writer Writes

Writing is a lonely profession.

Romance writers wrestle with a blank page to get the stories out of our head and down on paper. We eavesdrop on strangers’ daily conversations in an attempt to create more realistic characters.  We harvest names from the morning newspaper that might fit some future hero or heroine.

Despite this very solitary career, the rewards of writing are great in terms of psychic income if not monetary income.  Like, for instance, when you unexpectedly get a review like this one, below, which was posted on amazon for my new book, Fear Of Flying:

“I love Leigh Court's other books and stories and always find her an appetizing guilty pleasure. How would you cure a fear of flying? Leigh cooks up a tantalizing romance between a book publicist and a difficult author that both rings true and yet captures the heat of passion we've come to expect of her. My only suggestion is that she never mention that other book again, the one with the Grey in it. Her books are far better written, with real characters and no cardboard or cartoons anywhere. I can't wait for my next guilty pleasure from Leigh Court's hot little pen.”

Wow! That reviewer claims I’m a better author than E.L. James. That’s heady stuff!!

Not many of us can quit our day jobs and support ourselves from book sales, but a writer writes. It’s what we do. We can’t stop telling stories, whether people read them or not. But a review like the one above makes all the effort worth it!

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