How Do You Keep Up With Me?

Voluptuous released a month ago. In the next few weeks, I'm going to be having a couple new releases (Her Royal Romance and the print release of Silken Canvas) and I'm looking at several in 2014. In order to help all my readers keep up with what's going on with Natasha Moore, I've been told I need to rely more on social media. I've had a website for years and I hope readers know they can always stop by there to check on what's available and what's coming up.

I've also decided to start a mailing list, so I can shoot my readers a quick update to remind them when something new is going on. You can sign up for it here. (I promise I will not flood your inbox. This is a new release only mailing list.)

Then there's the social media. I have a Facebook page. If you "like" it, you'll get more frequent updates in your feed, like when my characters are driving me crazy, or when I suddenly decide to give away a few freebies.

I'm on Twitter too. If you'd like to follow me there, aside from updates on releases, you'll find out what coffee I'm drinking and how much I need that glass of wine after a frustrating day and the occasional picture of the little guy.

I've recently jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. For a long time I thought it would be a time waster (and maybe it is some days) but I've started boards for current projects and those in the planning stages, and agree that the visual inspiration is helpful. And yes, drooling over hot guys and sexy clinches is part of my job. You can check out my boards or follow me there also.

I know there are other places like Tumblr or...I don't know...a lot of others but I have to have some time to write so these are the ones I visit. So now I have a question for our readers. Do you think a presence on social media is important for an author? As a reader, do you check out Facebook, etc. for info on an author or do you just hop over to their website? Do you rely on a newsletter popping into your inbox to remind you when a new book is coming out? How exactly do you keep up with authors and their new releases? Am I wasting my time on Facebook or Twitter? Is there someplace else I should be making my presence known? I want to spend most of my time writing new books, so knowing the best way to spend the rest of my time is important. So please, Fierce Romance readers, let me know.

Voluptuous - available now
Her Royal Masquerade - coming Oct 21
Silken Canvas - in print Nov 5 - available now for download
Playing for Real - coming Feb 4

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