Corrieshalloch Gorge, Scotland

On July 30 of this year, we visited Corrieshalloch Gorge in Ross-shire, Scotland. It is around ten miles south of Ullapool. I had seen photos of this waterfall online but I didn't know much about it or what to expect. Even before we reached the falls, we heard it roaring.

Corrieshalloch means "ugly hollow" in Gaelic, but I didn't find anything ugly about it. This is one of the most beautiful Nature Reserves I've visited. This slot gorge or box canyon was carved out by glacial melt waters between 2.6 million and 11,500 years ago. The River Droma flows through the gorge. In less than a mile, the river drops over 328 feet through the gorge in a series of waterfalls. The most dramatic of these waterfalls is the Falls of Measach, which drops over 147 feet. In Gaelic, the name of the waterfall is Easan na Miasaich which means "fall of the place of the platters." The platters term refers to the smooth rounded boulders of the riverbed above the falls.

Standing on the suspension bridge, looking down.
If you're afraid of heights, a visit to this gorge might be a bit uncomfortable or even frightening. It is a long way down from the 82 foot long suspension bridge which spans the gorge, especially since it sways gently in the wind or if someone else is walking or running across it. This bridge was built in 1874 by Sir John Fowler, one of the designers of the Forth Rail Bridge. This bridge is actually over the falls.

The suspension bridge

 Most of the freshwater in Scotland is tinged slightly brown. This is because the water runs through the peat of the moors and bogs before going into the streams. This is also what makes most of the lochs in Scotland dark and very reflective of the sky.

A close up of the Falls of Measach taken from the viewing platform downriver.
  It was only a short walk down from the car park to the suspension bridge over the ravine. Once we crossed the bridge, we took another short walk through the woods to the metal viewing platform. It hangs out high over the gorge for an awesome view of the falls beneath the bridge.

The waterfall with the suspension bridge above it, taken from the viewing platform.

The trail through the forest.
 Woods surround most of the gorge though some trees had been cut in the past few years. These trees include birch, rowan, oak, hazel, elm and pine. Some rare and unusual plants grow in the deepest levels of the gorge, such as mountain sorrel, germander speedwell and saxifrage. Ravens next on the ledges of the gorge and trout swim in the deep pools.

The vertical cliff with lots of ferns and plants.


Looking across the gorge to the viewing platform we'd stood on earlier.

The wonderful woodland trail
 After going back across the suspension bridge, we walked a trail that follows the edge of the gorge. It is far enough away to be safe, but it's easy to see the gorge from the trail. There is an especially nice viewpoint down into the gorge at one spot. The trail circles around and up a hill through beautiful heather and other wildflowers. At the top of this hill is a spectacular view out over Strath Broom, Loch Broom, and the mountains in the distance (toward Ullapool). The whole walk is probably around a mile, so not too difficult.

Here I am checking out the posted info. :)

Wildflowers by the trail leading up the hill.

Heather beside a log
 This National Nature Reserve is owned and cared for by the National Trust for Scotland.

View over Strath Broom and Loch Broom

Thanks for taking the tour with me through Corrieshalloch Gorge! Are you afraid of heights? Do you love waterfalls and walks through nature?


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Lisa Belcastro said...

Wow, Vonda! Love your photos!! What an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks, Lisa! It is a beautiful place.

Unknown said...

Oh Vonda, you are getting me nostalgic of Scotland, specially the Highlands! The trails look ideal for someone who loves walking in the woods. While I was there, I asked the people if they had bears like we have in Canada, bears that sneak behind you in trails..Well no, but they have wild cats! Love your photos!

Mary Gillgannon said...

Such beautiful scenery! Thanks for sharing. I'm not sure I could manage the suspension bridge but I might try for views like that.

Vonda Sinclair said...

I know what you mean, Nicole! When I write these posts and choose the pics, I feel like I've visited the site again, so it's like I get to return. The trails are really pleasant to walk on. I'd love to see a Scottish wildcat in nature.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks, Mary! the scenery is incredible. I'm sure the bridge would bother a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

Every time I read one of your posts, my "Places to Visit in Scotland" list gets longer!


Vonda Sinclair said...

LOL Theresa! The only way to see all the beautiful and amazing places in Scotland would be to move there. :)

Lyn Horner said...

Vonda, such breathtaking views! I could never walk across that bridge, but I'm glad you did. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing photos. Scotland is a land of enchantment.

Michele Drier said...

Thank you for sharing...this is a beautiful place!

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks for checking it out, Lyn! I loved looking down from that bridge, but I know it would frighten a lot of people. I agree about Scotland being the land of enchantment.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thank you, Michele! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Vanessa Holland said...

Wow, what an absolutely amazing place! Love your photos of the trails and waterfall!

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks so much, Vanessa! It is a wonderful place.

Barbara Bettis said...

Absolutely breathtaking! Thanks for sharing.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks, Barbara! I'm so glad you liked it!