Happy Halloween!

Given my predilection for creepy erotica and erotic romance, it seems only fitting that I be scheduled to post on Halloween. I have a few treats to share with readers who like their erotica with a little bit of paranormal twist (WARNING: Some of my free stuff is very graphic and intended for mature audiences only).

For some reason, I really enjoy writing stories of  the extraordinarily odd and wonderfully wicked.  In fact, the short story that started my career, Grave Circumstance, is about a man who refuses to let anything stand in the way of being with his beloved, and I do many anything. It was so much fun to write because Oliver is so determined, the situation so extreme, and the setting of their tryst is a cemetery. I knew then that my writer's journey was going to be filled with more paranormal and psychologically challenged characters than regular types. It suited me just fine.

Don't get me wrong. I love writing stories with nary a willowy wisp of the wildly weird in them, and I do love my dragons. However, I have the most fun when I let my imagination play in the edgy, sketchy underside of humanity and non-so-human-ity. My free short story, Miss Witch, is a perfect example of the kind of erotic horror I enjoy writing, but if you really like more horror with a bit of the erotic in it, please enjoy the "lost" chapter of Seducing Gracie, which will be reprinted in December. The chapter wasn't actually lost, but more like revised out because the editor didn't feel like it fit with the book. Still, it's a scary read, if you like that kind of thing like I do. ;)

One of my latest releases, The Snow Job, is less creepy and more cheeky. When Para Marshall Marina Fareeky plans the ultimate sting operation to capture the head of the Nicholas vampyre clan, she ends up walking down the aisle into the arms of one very tempting paranormal fugitive, one who has been hunting her with the intent to make her his own...forever. Will she survive her wedding night? Will she find her soul mate in the form of a sexy vampyre?

The Snow Job has been one of my favorites because it was my first attempt at writing a vamp story. Aleksi is gloriously proud and stubborn, and Marina has no patience for lawbreakers, so their chemistry was great fun to script. I hope if you get a chance to read it that you think so, too.

I hope whether you're reading or trick or treating this Halloween, that it's safe and happy. Enjoy!

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