Coffee, Wine, Chocolate - My Favorite Things

My favorite things - coffee, wine, chocolate. And books, of course, but that's a subject for another - or several more - posts.

My favorite flavor of coffee is hazelnut. I drink it way hotter than my hubby can stand and while I enjoy an ice capp once in a while, I've never acquired a taste for iced coffee. I brew my own half regular/half decaf blend (hazelnut, of course) in my Keurig. Ever since my little heart episode, I hate the feeling of a racing heart, even if I know it's from caffeine.

An excellent coffee shop opened up at the corner of our street and hubby and I try to get over there every couple weeks to enjoy a cup of coffee and a muffin. They offer a shot of just about any flavor you'd like and while there I'll try a different flavor each time. They also roast their own coffee there and the aroma is heavenly.

Wine is another love of mine. I'm certainly no connoisseur, but I know what I like. I'm one of those not-too-dry, not-too-sweet wine snobs. Usually a drink white merlot. It's not quite as sweet as white zinfandel and I think it has a little more flavor. But I have a new favorite wine. Apothic Rose.

And you see that little silver banner at the top of the label? It says "limited release"! Yeah, so my new favorite wine won't be around for long. In fact, over the summer I've managed to buy out my local wine store. Pretty soon I'll be back to the white merlot. And that will be okay.

And what is coffee and wine without chocolate? I could go on and on about the wonderful attributes of chocolate, but I think for our readers it goes without saying. Aside from the creamy texture and mouth-watering taste - can we say antioxidants?? I can say without reservation that I never met a chocolate I didn't like, but the favorite I keep around the house is Hershey's Special Dark.

Again, not too sweet, not too bitter. I'm that kind of girl.

And if we want to throw a book into the mix, can I say my favorite right now is, of course, my newest release, Voluptuous? I've had great feedback from readers who love reading about a plus-sized heroine getting her happy ending and I know I'm going to write some more curvy girl stories. Who knows. Some of them might become your favorites too.

How about you? What's your favorite coffee? Wine? Chocolate?

Voluptuous - available now
Her Royal Masquerade - coming Oct 2013
Playing for Real - coming Feb 4, 2014

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Unknown said...

Coffee, wine and chocolate – few of the finest stuff in life. And I want them all sweet! Too strong coffee would make my heart palpitate, I don’t fancy dark chocolates, and I’m kind of into dessert white wines which are not too dry. Corey @