After months of saying I wasn't going to do it, I finally caved and asked for an invitation to Pinterest. Now I have my pin board up and I have no idea what to do with it. LOL.

That's really an exaggeration. I did make five boards, my favorite being my hero inspiration. Yummy. I see that one filling up really quick. God, I love sexy men pictures.

The one issue I seem to be coming across is that unless I have a very specific thing I'm looking for like Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Jackman there is so many pictures to wade through. I put in a search for humor. On one page I saw the same pin reposted like ten times. That doesn't seem right.I shouldn't be seeing repetitive things right?

I love for some of you veterans to give a newbie some tips. I'd also love to hear what kind boards you've created.

One board I'm definitely going to work on is one for each of my books. I'm really looking forward to doing Defying Convention's and searching out stormtroopers and con pics. I'm going to start one for Extreme Love and my following MMA books.

Do any of you have story boards you do WIP or upcoming releases?

What kind of pictures do you include in it?



Carly Carson said...

Sorry, I don't have any tips as I just started using Pinterest myself. I do have boards for 3 upcoming stories and I enjoy adding to them. One thing I don't really understand is the whole copyright issue. You don't know if the other person has permission, so how can you re-pin it? That's kind of stifling me. I probably worry too much but...

Terry Spear said...

Terry Spear Pinterest

I LOVE pinterest. I've had several who have commented on my books, repinned my pictures of even my Celtic bears that I make because that's their family name, use pictures for my blogs, or to give me ideas for my story settings.

You can see what I've done with different categories, Esme.