On the Job

I've had the dubious pleasure of going through the job interview process this spring and summer, with the most recent experience this last month. It's no surprise, then, that this would be on my mind, and if something is on my mind, then I have to write it about eventually or it just stays in my head and sort of rattles around.

My biggest problem in interviews is my imagination. My mind, if I'm not careful, drifts into scenarios that would not bode well for me getting the job. Mostly this happens when I'm thinking of answers to questions like, "What is one of your weaknesses?" Now, I know I'm supposed to come up with something that indicates I am aware of my own short-comings, because showing you engage in this kind of self reflection is considered a valuable asset in an employee. I have a practiced answer for this, but what I think would be more fun to say would be one of the following:

"Antonio Banderas." (Followed by fanning oneself)
"My biggest weakness is that I hold grudges against people when I don't get a job. Not that you should worry or anything." (Followed by a maniacal grin)
"My abs. I do tummy crunches all the time, but they're still nonexistent." (Followed by lifting blouse to show interviewer where abs should be."

Right now, these don't seem that humorous to me, but when I'm in the actual interview, they seem hilarious because I can almost picture the reactions of the men/women sitting across from me. What would they do? Ask me to leave? Write about me in an article about their weirdest interviews that they've conducted? Who knows? Since I've not broken down and said any of these--I've been a good girl--I'm left wondering.

More on my job interview experiences next week. Happy Reading!

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