My advice? Get your butt in that chair...

This week's theme here at Fierce Romance is "Advice for Beginner Writers". That topic, for me, can be answered easily, yet with some difficulty, too. What it boils down to--and it's advice I need to take to heart myself sometimes--is to write, write, write, and to do it every day. Treat your desire to be published (or stay published) like it's a job. Have a plan of attack, or a daily/weekly goal if that's what works for you. I'm the best at just fluffing off when I don't know the direction I want to go in my WIP (work in progress). As a pantser, I need to recognize that in myself and listen to these words of wisdom I've heard for years: BUTT IN CHAIR.

Nothing else will solve your dilemma of what-the-hell-do-I-do-now better than just sitting in your chair and figuring it out. Maybe you do that with pen and paper, making notes, scribbling down ideas and thoughts. Or maybe you listen to music, play a game of solitaire, or do what works for me -- brainstorm with other author friends. I love tossing ideas back and forth like that. Great ideas have been born and lots of problems have been solved that way for me.

The trick is to do what works for you. But just DO IT. Books don't write themselves. Crap typed on the computer can be fixed, but a blank page? Not so much. Get something, anything, down and work on it, over and over if you have to. One foot in front of the other, one word on the screen at a time, and you'll make progress. Promise.

Off to take my own advice and get busy on today's word count. Hope everyone is have a great summer so far -- Stay cool!!


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Cameo Brown said...

Butt in Chair--Yep! I think about stories more than write them sometimes. If I could just hook a transmitter up to my brain and have it type what I think, I'd be so happy. :)